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    Strip Club in Cristo Rey, Puerto Plata

    Does anyone know the name of the strip club in Cristo Rey and what street is it on?
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    Understanding CAIPS notes

    Just curious - what do these things say about your case (just wondering what their thought process is)?
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    Do Canadians Need To Register Marriages That Took Place In The Dominican Republic

    Just thought this might be helpful to know for all of us Canadians married in the Dominican Republic because there is another thread going about someone from the UK and whether they need a divorce since he/she never registered their previous marriage that took place in the DR. I was...
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    Where is Latino/Dominican district in Montreal???

    My husband and I will be in Montreal this weekend. We are staying downtown and want to take the subway out to the Latino/Dominican area and we are wondering what stop would be the best to get off at? Also, I've checked the forums but I just want to know if Punta Cana and Copacobana are still...
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    Turning el Ingenio in Montellano into plant to produce ethanol

    Has anyone heard of the potential plans for foreign owned companies to buy the ingenio in Montellano and turn it into a plant to produce ethanol fuel? What pollution effect would this have on the town? Would it be worse than the pollution caused by the sugar cane that used to be processed there?
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    When are the National Exams for High School???

    My husband's cousin is graduating from high school this spring and my husband is going to be her padrino. We are trying to make travel plans but his cousin does not yet know the exact date of the graduation ceremony but she knows they will be after the national exams. Does anyone know when the...
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    U.S. view - Heroes of the World!!!

    I am Canadian and live in Canada and I am sick and tired of watching CNN and other American channels who seem to think they are the only country assisting with the relief effort in Haiti!! The Dominican Republic has assisted and continues to offer invaluable assistance, especially considering...
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    Approval re Visitor's Visa for Canada

    My husband and I have invited a friend of my husband?s to visit us in Toronto. He submitted his papers a couple of weeks ago and got a call yesterday to go next week for an interview and was told to bring his passport. To anyone that has invited someone to visit them in Canada, is this...
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    Anyone travelling from Toronto to POP willing to take a bag of clothes???

    My husband?s cousin lives in the POP area and she has a very hard time finding clothes to fit her in the DR because she takes larger sizes and has very limited funds to purchase anything in the nearly non-existent plus size market in the POP area. We have purchased her some nice outfits here in...
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    Trip Report - POP, Sosua and Cabrera

    My husband and I arrived at the POP airport on the evening of Monday, June 22, 2009 for the first time in a year and a half?.our first time anywhere in the country in the same timeframe. After many years of staying with my husband?s family in Montellano, we decided to stay at Casa Marina Hotel...
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    Where to take four Dominican teenagers for some fun???

    My husband and I are coming to visit my husband?s family in a few weeks and I would like to plan something for his teenage cousins (there are four ? ages 14 to 18) that would be a little different and more exciting than what they are used to. We usually do the usual things like going to the...
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    Is there a current satellite map of the Dominican Republic

    Google Earth says it's satellite images from the POP area are from 2004. Does anyone know of a more current satellite map that I can zoom in on that would show the current situation of buildings being built, etc.
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    Does anyone know of a movie filmed in Sosua about two or three years ago...

    There was a movie filmed in Sosua (in El Batey, Charimicos, etc.) about 2 - 3 years ago by a French or Italian producer. It featured some local Dominican children. Does anyone know anything about this movie (i.e. the name of the movie, the name of the director, producer, etc.). If anyone can...
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    Toronto Dominicanos: Why do all the males like to cook?

    My husband is Dominican and has been in Canada now for about 3 1/2 years. When he arrived, he could not cook to save his life. Maybe a fried egg, etc. but he was definitely used to a house of women cooking and doting on him for his every beck and call. I am a good cook so the cooking issue...
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    Quick question - how many hours driving direct from POP to La Romana

    We are driving and not taking Caribe Tours. An earlier thread listed the time as 7 hours but that was by Caribe Tours, which stops a lot. We will make a few pits stops and want to end up at the Oasis Canoa Hotel in La Romana. An estimate would be greatly appreciated.
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    Mondongo mishap....

    I few years ago when my husband first moved to Canada, I invested in Aunt Clara's Dominican Cookbook. An excellent investment indeed - it has saved my butt many has brought the DR closer to my husband (we now live in Toronto) and has been the talk of the party when we have hosted...
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    El Corticito Inn

    I need the phone number for this hotel in Bavaro. Does anyone have it? I have read the other threads and I can't seem to see anywhere with the number other than just people's opinions on the place. Thanks.
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    Using Guzman Ariza & Associates

    I know that Fabio Guzman (of the above-noted law firm) is a contributor on this board regarding legal questions, etc. My husband and I are going to purchase a house in the DR and want to know if we can't get in touch with Mr. Guzman personally, would anyone with experience recommend that we use...
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    Property abutting highway between Playa Dorada and Airport

    My husband and I are considering purchasing a property that abuts the highway between Playa Dorada and the airport, more specifically, near Cangrejo. We love the property and it has great potential for both building a home or the potential to have a business because of it's location to the...
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    Canada to DR via WestJet after December/07

    I thought I would spread the news that WestJet has BY FAR the cheapest flights (not sure about packages since we only ever book flight only) to the DR starting in December (POP and PUJ). My husband and I have unfortunately already booked our December flight and then today someone told me to...