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    Looking for Quality deck/patio furniture

    High-quality outdoor furniture hand made from aluminum and synthetic fibre.
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    Starlink Arrived in the DR

    DHL brings it directly to your home, no extra shipping fees.
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    Barcelo Rum Cream.

    It is dangerously good. Sorry, not in your area, so can't help to locate it, but I agree, it is much better than Bailey's, or any of the other derivatives.
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    What is it?
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    What is it?

    A Tarantula Hawk Wasp. Second most painful sting in the animal kingdom.
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    Trasnslated Covid Documents for travel to Canada?

    The QR code from the DR is in English as well, no translation needed.
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    Change of Appointment Date at DGM (Renew Residency)

    We had to do exactly this, as well. You cancel the appointment, and the system asks for a reason why, so be prepared for this. You don't get to choose a new date, it is assingned to you the same as before. In our case, we were notified Tuesday of appointments Friday, wife in the morning, me...
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    Air Conditioner

    You're at the right place, Marcel is your guy. And yes, Casa Supply builds great aluminum and synthetic wicker furniture. Marcel also sells TV's, fridges, cook tops and more.
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    Air Conditioner

    That would be Marcel Andris from Casa Supply.