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    Adavan or Lorazapan Availabilty

    My wife occasionally suffers from anxiety. If she should be stricken with an an anxiety attack while in LT are either Adavan or Lorazapan available over the counter at a pharmacy?
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    Looking for Mofongo in LT

    Thank You and you made me smile on the wine cellar comment.
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    Looking for Mofongo in LT

    So , admittedly , I did not follow all the advice above last year , such as trying the Kamido app or Pico Pollo. Thus, we did not find Mofongo. Those options did not appeal to me. We are again preparing to return to LT . Is there a specific restaurant anyone can recommend? I am not going to get...
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    Take my response with a grain of salt as I only drink rum 21 days out of the year. Those are the 21 days I spend in the DR annually. In my limited exposure my favorite is XV . I like XV on the rocks as a sipper and I also enjoy it in a Santo Libra.
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    Golf Courses for the Dominican Masses?

    I have only golfed once in the DR. Playa Grande. It was a fantastic course and I played well before it became ultra exclusive. The day I played it was empty and the course surely lost money that day. What WW says about golf being in decline is true but courses are doing innovative things to...
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    El Catey Airport flights

    But I do agree with the OP. How does this airport sustain itself? Two flights a day 4 months a year has to be a HUGE loss leader.
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    El Catey Airport flights

    We are flying YYZ (Toronto) to AZS this year with Air Transat. It was much less expensive than the same flight with Air Canada.
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    Returning Sales Tax To Tourists

    I know this thread is not about me but as it pertains to me: This return of ITBIS does squat for myself and my wife. 99% of ITBIS that we pay is in restaurants. If we cannot get refunds on those receipts this is of close to zero consequence for us.
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    Best public bathroom in DR.

    LOL . Fun little topic. I can tell you a bathroom not in the running. The toilets adjacent to the fish market in Las Terrenes are hell on earth. DO NOT go in there :poop:.
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    West jet

    Not that it helps you any but I am flying Westjet to AZS (El Catey) this SAT.
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    Top Restaurants in Las Terrenas

    Thanks to Covid and Justin Trudeau we have not been back to LT and the DR since 2020. We are returning in 20 ISH days. When we were there last we enjoyed places like : El Pasito - We had one great meal there and liked the atmosphere Dieciocho - We enjoyed the food but found the pricing to...
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    Looking for Mofongo in LT

    I believe mofongo is more of a Puerta Rican dish but I do think it is also traditionally enjoyed in the DR. I am wondering where we could try mofongo in Las Terrenes ?
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    RICE , BEANS , & CHICKEN ( la bandera )

    This can also be a side affect of Lipator (which I take) . However, it is rare.
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    You Snooze, You Lose!

    It is a shame this place has declined so much over the years. We stayed there in the first 6-12 months of its existence. This was way back in 2003. At the time the food and service were exceptional (even for a AI which you can no longer pay me to stay at). The views were top notch and likely...
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    American Restauranteur Murdered in Las Terranas

    Does anyone if Californian restauranteur Mario Oliver is also a restauranteur in LT ? If so , at which establishment ? RIP Mario Oliver.
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    Las Galeras vs Las Terrenas

    LT hands down. LG is very limited on so many options. If QUIET , and I do mean QUIET is what you desire than perhaps LG. I LOVE quiet and do covet it on vacation but not LG quiet. Dining and shopping options are so limited. When we were there the entire town went 5 days without ice!!! My wife...
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    Dangerous walk RIP Charley

    R.I.P Charley I was hit by a moto concho as I exited a colmado in LT. As I exited the colmado and stepped onto the sidewalk, BAM! Due to a traffic jam a moto concho hopped onto the sidewalk and hit me as I exited . I was not hurt badly by sheer luck. As others have said, keep your wits about...
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    The passing of Ken Dupree

    I remember him from El Neptuno. Very nice gentleman who had an interesting life. He lived on a sail boat for a period of time (years) if I remember correctly.
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    Whatever Happened To These DR1ers??

    How about Catcher In The Rye ? I always found him to be spot on.
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    AIr Canada Cancelling Flights

    Canada is not banning travel. They are just making it incredibly difficult. When we booked in July the only requirement to return to Canada was a PCR test within 72 hours of travel. When the new variant emerged the socialists then made it mandatory to have a PCR test at the Canadian airport of...