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    Papers needed for marriage in DR

    What does an american citizen have to do to get married in the dominican republic with a dominican citizen? Some people have said "just your passport" others have told me that i have to go through a bunch of paperwork. Wich one is it?
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    Does anyone know what the legal amount of alcohol consumed would be considered to be legally drunk? Does one presidente get me locked up? Or can I have a couple? Is it... 1 Presidente 2 Presidentes 3 Presidentes Actually I think by the 3rd I'll be a bit twisted lol Im concerned because...
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    New Area code?

    Can Anyone Tell Me If It's True That There Is A New Area Code In Dominican Republic 829?
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    How much can I get paid?

    O.K. here is my story, I have lived in NYC all my life I travel to DR every 6 months to visit girlfiiends and relatives, now, im interested in moving to DR sometime in the future but not sure when to make that move. I have seen many consierge positions available at resorts. now my question...
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    Renting a car with a Debit Card

    Help!!!!! I'm going to DR on august the 20th and I'm flying into STI Unfortunately no thanks to my mom. But... I need a place that will rent me a car with a Debit card. Can anyone please help me find a place at the airport that will do this?
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    I have a picture of this place in DR called Picinas (not a pool) it looks like a beach kinda like boca chica. does anyone know how to get there or where it is ill most probably be in the capital. thank you