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    Best Grocery Store in Santo Domingo

    Thanks everyone, VERY helpful!
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    Best Grocery Store in Santo Domingo

    I'm planning a trip to Santo Domingo from Samana in search of North American/European grocery items. (Especially meat, bakery, and prepared food items). Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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    Taxi Fare

    Anyone know how much the taxi fare from El Catey Airport to Samana City is? Thanks!
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    Bus Stop for Punta Cana Airport

    When taking the Bavaro Express from Santo Domingo, the first stop is Punta Cana Village. Is that the place to get off to go into the airport, or is there another stop closer to the airport? Thanks.
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    Followup to two previous threads

    I just flew down from NYC to POP on Jet Blue for our annual winter stay. Two things in followup to earlier threads: 1- On the question of whether or not airlines are requiring evidence of a return ticket- Jet Blue (for one) has automated the check-in process- you deal with a kiosk rather than...
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    Saint Patrick's Day

    Friday March 17th is Saint Patrick's Day! Wonder if Little Frank or anyone can give us an idea of whether and how the day will be celebrated in Cabarate this year--- will there still be a parade, bagpipes, pretty Irish dancers and green beer? :D
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    Las Americas Security

    I read a while ago that all the x-ray machines at Las Americas (Santo Domingo) were broken and that as a result the queues through security were "extra long". I'm flying out on Tuesday and wondering if anyone knows if the situation has improved? Thanks!
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    Okie on Board

    Greetings all! I've been lurking for months and finally decided to jump in the pool. My GF and I retired in February and the following day moved to Sosua together from Tulsa without ever having been to the DR previously, but, with lots of research and therefore "eyes wide open" about what...