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    2023 Hurricane Season

    It is kind of funny how the projections for days show it going north but it just keeps on trekking west like it’s on its way here, lol.
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    Philippe not expected to affect the Dominican Republic

    The projected tracks keep showing it going north but it has been steadily traveling west and could come right through here.
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    Do you think it is worth converting an older 6 cylinder from gasoline to propane?

    I did it years ago with my Mitsubishi Montero, I wouldn’t do it again
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    I was counting on the booze.

    they just didn’t drink enough
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    Coronavirus - In the DR

    oh, I should add, she and her husband both tested positive but he had no symptoms
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    Coronavirus - In the DR

    For months I didn't know a single individual who was sick with this. I had no idea what was going on. By now, I know several people who have had this. One of them almost died and the majority went through it okay but I didn't get to discuss their symptoms, I know they mostly slept a lot. The...
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    somebody needs blood ASAP at CMC

    just got an email from nice people networking: ATTENTION!! Blood Needed URGENTLY! "A+" (A Positive)  American Traveler (Andy Graham) was struck by vehicle and needs blood for today's operation on broken leg. 2 pints of blood needed ASAP. He is in the CMC hospital (Sosua). Either go directly...
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    drive by fruiting

    I went to Santiago yesterday with a friend I picked up in Sosua.  We got back later than we wanted, there was lots of traffic by Puerto Plata where they were fixing the road and the traffic was getting backed up because only one lane was flowing.   By the time I left Sosua for Rio San Juan it...