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    Eye issues - cornea

    not to cause a debate as I am only going by hearsay --- pricemart "Im told" doesnt charge for the exam, only for thr glasses ?? I'll find out & report back
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    Eye issues - cornea

    I m looking for an eye exam on North Coast that will give me my written percription....I don't mind buying glasses there but must have a witten .....I understand ? pricemart will do the exam but wont give the written...
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    Motorcyclists violating traffic laws are a national epidemic; yet, politicians are on their side

    YES they are the fabric - doesn't mean they are above the law.
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    Motorcyclists violating traffic laws are a national epidemic; yet, politicians are on their side

    I can deal with motos being part of the culture what makes me mad is when they make a mistake ---left turn in right lane -- it always our fault !!!!! n0 accountability for there rules & law. yes I have a Dominican drivers licenses
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    Motorcycle Adventure - Short loop round the Dominican Republic – Tom Junkans

    I went the wrong way on my drivers test !!!!!! I pointed out the one way sign -he said its ok !!!! love it...passed the test
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    TV Via Internet

    we have had the service from greg for 2 yrs - he is extremely helpful & patient for this un tech person
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    2024 Hurricane Season

    Thanks mike - we always rely on your information.
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    Boom in medical tourism in DR

    getting gringo prices too!
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    What are the requirements of bringing dog to the states?

    more iformation is needed ?? can it fit under the seat ? check airlines site ?? need vet certificate & shot records.
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    Home Alone - not without more money

    went to our local Restaurant which we go regularly. New menu prices increased 200 peso on almost every item .
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    Shipping from DR to USA

    does anyone have any shipping experience??? from DR to USA ??? thanks
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    Wishing Alter Ego Well

    our thoughts and prayers are with you.
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    2023 Hurricane Season

    thank you !!! I rely on your post all season.
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    Changes to the E-Ticket

    I just did mine, printed out before I left. no issues coming or going.
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    COLOMBIA International Flight: Mandatory E-Registration = FAIL

    I had no problem yesterday. filled out the form (english) and printed both ways . used my laptop.
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    Any Sardine lovers here?

    my dogs share a can every morning.
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    Dog Dilemma

    I can't take the dog but I can help with the $$$ burden, just tell me the easiest way to send to you.
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    DR and New York Homologate Driver's Licenses

    I did not have to surrender either License.
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    Where can I buy an auto

    having just bought a used vehicle from a dealership ---take a reliable mechanic with you preferably with a diagnostic computer . Don't believe anything the salesman tells you.
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    US Passport Renewal in the DR

    I did it thru domex office. easy peasy