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    Contact info for Frito Lay, Leon Jimenez

    Might be starting a small cafeteria and I need contact info for Frito Lay and Leon Jimenez sales reps in Santiago. Gotta get my Presidente and Doritos hooked up.
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    Looking for Used photocopier in Santiago

    Anyone know where I can get a used photocopy machine in Santiago? I need a "big" one, not the little personal ones.
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    My own private huelga

    So they're fixing the streets near my house because some fat politico wants to look like he's doing something around election time. (the streets are fine, they're just not paved which keeps the neighborhood quiet since you cant race through there) The street repair crew has been extremely...
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    Dominican Vodka

    Well the Dominicans have been pretty successful with their rum, and many tourists waking up on the bathroom floor can testify that the stuff delivers. But Vodka is in fashion now, and some enterprising folks decided it was time for the DR to have their own. Since I am a big huge fan of...
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    Recession: is the worst over?

    I don't know but from where I'm standing, it seems the worst of the recession seems to be over, the damage done and there are some tiny sparks of economic life reappearing here and there. I don't have any statistics or examples, just a general feeling, and of course my international clients...
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    RIP Allan Charles Williams

    In case anyone knew Al, I was informed he passed away this morning of a heart attack. He lived in Puerto Plata with is family and recently acquired a Free Zone business in Santiago. My condolences to his friends and family, he will be missed.
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    Homicide rates worldwide - this does not seem right

    I found this online today and was looking at the relative homicide rates in DR as compared to Haiti, USA, etc. and it just doesn't seem right to me. According to this for example, Haiti is safer than the US. Is this even possible? Current Worldwide Homicide/Murder Rates
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    Tony Roma's coming to Santiago

    Looks like a Tony Roma's is about to open in Santiago. I've never eaten at one and I am not necessarily a fan, I will certainly go there at least once, mainly it's nice to see Santiago attracting international investment like this.
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    Bouncy truck + topheavy grill = OOPS! (pics)

    Hey guys. This is actually a continuation of this thread <table style="width:auto;"><tr><td><a href=""><img...
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    My grill is dying....

    After 7 years, 7 million calories, and hundreds of delicious fuzzy animals (some feathered ones as well) my gas grill is finally dying. It seems the weather is getting the best of it and the burners have rusted out to a point where all the gas comes up in one spot in a huge fountain of flame...
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    Echange rate stable throughout December

    Did anyone else think it was strange that there was little or no variation in the exchange rate (US-DR) during December? Generally the dollar depreciates against the peso during December because of the larger amount of dollars in circulation in the DR. Does this mean that people are really...
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    the missing ribs thread that got closed

    A week or so ago there was a thread about a roast pig with some missing ribs that descended into bickering fit for a gradeschool cafeteria and was closed. I ran across this the other day and I think I may know where the ribs went. This roast pig was for sale at Pricesmart Santiago, and I...
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    National blackout?

    Apparently there is a national blackout, with no power anywhere in the country right now. At least that is what we were told when we called the power company just now to ask how long the power would be out. They said "the blackout is on a national level and we have no ETA for when the lights...
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    Business Mail crappy service

    Just wanted to let everyone know that yesterday I got a parcel from Business Mail that I wasnt expecting. I wasnt expecting it because it was a stack of letters that arrived at Business Mail via US Postal service and Fedex between August and October 2008. Inside were commission checks...
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    Star Cable and the Super Bowl

    Is there any chance that Star Cable will play the SUper Bowl, and if so on what channel?
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    DR related Slashdot article!

    Apparently there is a rare venemous mammal living here. Slashdot | Rare Venomous Mammal Filmed
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    At-will termination after maternity leave

    How soon after returning from maternity leave can an employee be terminated on an at-will basis? I need to downsize some of my departments and have a few employees who are just back from maternity leave. I want to give them "pre-avisos" and let them go as soon as is legal.
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    What happens if a company is late paying Christmas bonuses?

    What happens if a company, due to lack of liquidity is late paying the regalia by a few days or even a week? What are the penalties?
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    Needed: English to Spanish professional translation

    Hi, From time to time and especially today I need to get marketing messages and ad copy translated into Spanish, only to find that it is not as easy as you would think if you've never tried it. For example today I am trying to a simple confirmation letter for a timeshare compaign and I am...
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    pictures from around Santiago

    Here are some pictures I have taken while driving around Santiago doing my day to day stuff. They are mostly things you might not look at twice if you live here, but from an outsiders perspective are interesting when contrasted with life in, say for example the USA. <table...