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    Las Terrenas School

    Just recently I stumbled across a fine project which helps children of poor families to get a proper education. For those who visit Las Terrenas it may be a very good opportunity to see what can be done... Los Ni?os de Leonardo y Meredith For those who can only pay a virtual visit: YouTube -...
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    Where can I buy...

    ... a new Korean made FTA satellite receiver (not a Chinese clone) Viewsat Ultra 2000 locally? m'frog
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    Beer Less Expensive

    The brewery 'Cervecer?a Nacional Dominicana' (Presidente, Presidente Light, Bohemia and The One) announced a price reduction of RD$5.00 per bottle from today. El Nuevo Diario m'frog
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    An American child (5) is reported to have drowned at a Puerto Plata hotel. Very sad. I can't really understand, why such accidents should happen in a hotel pool? El Nuevo Diario m'frog
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    Which Inverter Batteries?

    Our two Trace-DR3624 inverters team up with 16 batteries. The first set of batteries ("Trace T-115") lasted five years and four months (!). Then I found out that Trace does not make batteries and thought I should buy 'better' ones and subsequently bought 'Trojan-T105', the famous and...
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    Private Beach in LT?

    Le site de Las Terrenas, , l'information au quotidien, les news ... Unfortunately my French is lousy... m'frog
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    Exodus in Cabarete?

    Will RE prices drop now? Aren't these people grossly exaggerating? DR1 readers should know better... m'frog
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    German Butcher's in Las Terrenas

    Finally it became true: A German butcher's opened last Friday (on main street across the 'barco'-building). The shop looks like any butcher's in Germany, spotlessly clean and hygienic. A wide selection of German sausages, German style meat cuts (Schnitzel, Rouladen, Fleischspiesse...
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    We'd appreciate a recommendation for a good 'otorrinolaring?logo' (ear, nose and throat specialist) for children. m'frog
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    91.1 and 101.1 MHz

    According to radio news there was an attack on a Sos?a (?) tourist project by masked men today. Any further info? m'frog
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    Did People Really Believe That?

    Today DR1 reported Dominican Republic News & Travel Information Service what El Nuevo Diario reported yesterday. But the article only gave a percentage drop (33%) in homicides, no case numbers were given. The actual figures seem to be surprisingly different...
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    Canadian Drowned

    According to midday radio news (101.1 MHz) a Canadian has drowned in Playa Grande, Luper?n. He and his wife were staying at a hotel there. My sincere condolences. m'frog
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    Rain, Rain and More Rain

    Croooooooooaaaaaaaaaak, this is great weather. For amphibians, that is. ;) m'frog
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    Felt It?

    Frog shook. 21: 24 hrs m'frog
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    Saco de Panti

    'Sanky Panky' has become a much used term and is often said to have come from 'hanky panky'. I don't think so because it seems to be a term coined by locals who were very unlikely confronted with the mentioned English expression. Today I heard a different explanation which I like. Early gringo...
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    Not in the Dictionary

    What does 'caicurimbo' (?) mean? m'frog
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    The Miracle Currency

    I admit: I've been wrong. For years I've been predicting that the Dominican currency would devaluate against the 'hard' currencies. Well, sometimes it did, but at times it didn't. And at the moment the Dominican Peso (Mind you, money which would not even buy you a chewing gum outside this...
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    Information on Fraud

    FYI: Banco Central de la Rep?blica Dominicana m'frog
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    DR as a hiding place?

    Three US citizens have been arrested for sexual abuse of minors in this country in less than three months. El Nacional, la voz de todos m'frog P.S.: As the latest arrest was in Arroyo Fr?o I hope it does not have anything to do with Dr. Goldberg's activities there in the 1930's.... ;)...
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    Well Done

    A Cuban born US citizen was rescued from his kidnappers in Boca Chica by special forces of the PN. The victim had been held for a week and was tortured. A ransom of 600,000 US$ had been demanded. Two of the four gangsters were killed in the operation. El Nacional, la voz de todos m'frog...