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    Travelling to DR with young children

    I have done a search on this topic, but I can't seem to find what I am specifically looking for. So here goes. Husband and I are headed to DR in December 2016 with our kids for the first time. My husband is Dominican and hasn't been back to DR in 5+ years and I went back once without him 4 years...
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    Cost of Redoing the Medicals

    For all those of you who spouse had to redo the medical, how much did it cost? Thanks C.
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    Canadian PR Card

    To all the people whose spouses have arrived in Canada, how long did it take to get the actual PR card after they arrived? Does anyone know if you can travel outside of Canada with the paper visa or do you need the actual PR Card? Thanks
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    New Question About Further Proof of Relationship-re Immigration Canada

    Hello All, I know everything is kinda helter skelter with all that has happened, but I have a bunch of stuff I would like to send to CIC that is further proof of our relationship. Anyone have any idea if there is a place to send this stuff right now? or am I just best to wait? I was planning...
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    Haiti & The Dominican Postal Service?

    Hello, I am waiting patiently as I can lol, but I was reading through the completed timelines and the uncompleted timelines and I am wondering how Haiti got into contact with everyone. My husband's mailing address is a small caserio off a small city. Most people that live in el caserio don't...
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    Use of the Word 'YA'

    I am confused by the word YA. it seems to be used everywhere in different contexts. I notice on TV commercial they will say:llame ya. Which I take to mean: call now. I notice people will use it in the colmado when they are finished asking for what they need. Another example is: ya termino. I...
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    How Long for Sponsorship Approval? - Immigration Canada

    Married - May 9, 2009 Application Sent - July 27, 2009 Received in Mississauga - July 28, 2009 Anyone have any idea how long it normally takes to be approved for sponsorship?
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    Suggestions on filing out Canadian PR application

    Reading this is really encouraging. I have been with my Dominican for 2 yrs and we will be married May 9. On my last visit we filled out the immigration package together, just so I could get myself organized and that if there were any mistakes I could get them corrected when I go back for the...