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    Used car needed Sosua

    Can anyone recommend a place to buy a reliable but inexpensive used car in Sosua? My friend wants to buy a car tomorrow,. He has a trade in. He hopes to get a few hundred dollars for it.
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    Furniture maker Sosua

    Can anyone recommend a furniture maker in Sosua / Cabarete? (to make mahogany bed base and night stands.)
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    Best place for good bed Puerto Plata

    Friends want a top notch king bed on the north coast. Does anyone know the best store in Puerto Plata. Hidelisa Centro?
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    Fed Ex in Sosua?

    Is there a Fed Ex office in Sosua? If not perhaps a UPS office? Have to get an original document to the US. Thanks.
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    Cost to renew Haitian passport

    A friend has had a request from a part time employee to help with the cost to renew their Haitian passport. He was concerned about the cost and I offered to ask here in case someone knew this information. He was told it cost around 18,000 pesos and later was told it cost 10,000 pesos extra...
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    Real Estate Commission rates

    A friend wanted to know what the going real estate commission rates are these days on the north coast. On dr1 I could only find a thread from several years ago. He told me that what he heard was that there is a big range. So I said I would post a thread to see if there are some answers.
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    Question for Fabio Guzman

    With reference to Immigration Law (and not current implementation policy whatever that may be), what is the status and legal rights, if any, of ‘tourists’ who overstay? Do they have a legal right to remain in the country because an overstay fee exists? What is the legal basis for the overstay...
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    Chrome / electro plating north coast

    Does anyone know where we could get some bar stool bases chrome plated? Near Sosua, Cabarete or Puerto Plata?
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    De Lancer audio problem

    No audio on Fox for the nfl game. Anyone know how to fix that? Turning the box off and on or clicking the audio button back and forth does not work. I could reload the stations but don't know the requested code. Of course it's Sunday and can't call the office.
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    Electrician north coast

    Can anyone recommend an electrician for a small job? We are in the Sosua area.
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    Tile grout on the north coast

    We have been looking for grey tile grout. In Sosua we have only found white or beige / tan. Does anyone know where we can find more colors? Perhaps there is a tile store in Puerto Plata with a wider choice of grout. Hoping not to have to go to Santiago.
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    Phone / sim card question Sosua

    I would like to move my Claro sim card to a samsung s4 mini. That would mean having the sim card cut to fit the micro sim card slot in the mini. Was wondering if that is possible to do with the Claro sim card and, if so, if anyone knows a good spot in Sosua to have this done. The mini is a...
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    When does school start?

    We are going to give our maid some extra pesos for school for her child. Is it correct that some schools start this Monday? She lIves near Los Charamicos, Sosua.
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    USA Network on Delancer in Sosua?

    I checked what I thought was USA network and looked like there was another channel there. Westminster Dog Show is coming up on USA and would love to see it. Does anyone know if USA network is on Delancer and, if so, the channel number?
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    laptop repair Sosua

    I know about the place behind Bailey's and the computer place in the Encargopaq plaza but was wondering if anyone could recommend either one or some other place or person. Thanks.
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    carpenter Sosua?

    Can anyone recommend a carpenter near Sosua? Even better would be the location of a carpenter's wood shop.
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    wicker or caning by the yard north coast?

    Wondering where I can purchase caning / wicker by the yard. I know where the wicker furniture places are located.
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    Help with Claro voice mail

    I am not a fan of voicemail but there is one sitting on my phone I would like to hear. Once every few years I try to figure out how to set up voicemail but cannot do it. I am asked for a code and I don't know and cannot understand how to set that up. If someone can help me that would be...
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    Shipping food Encargopaq

    Has anyone received food ordered online? I was thinking about ordering natural peanut butter from Amazon so I don't have to bring it down with me.
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    Liquidation question

    I did a search and did find some information from 2008. Good to check if there is any further info to help us. We returned from a 5 month absence to find the grounds of our house in bad shape. Ok from the front so as not to be noticed but a mess in the back. We were also told that the...