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  1. Castellamonte

    Dr. Bob, RIP

    Does anyone know what Dr. Bob died from? He was such a special person in our lives. We've had more dogs, cats, and Lord knows what else and he took care of them all. His work with the Haitian community was spectacular as well. We won't replace Dr. Bob, that's for sure.
  2. Castellamonte

    Rio San Juan Security Firm?

    Does anyone know of a security firm that services Rio San Juan along the north coast? Not for me but for a buddy who wants security but doesn't want the hassle of buying an escopeta. Solution: hire someone. Ideas? I checked with some in Sosua/Cabarete but they don't come this far. I found...
  3. Castellamonte

    Backup Generator

    Anyone out here know where I can get a "good, used" 80Kw+ power generator? Looking to buy, not rent. But it needs to be in good shape and pass my mechanic's inspections. Prefer something between Cabrera and Sosua but can trek farther for opportunities.
  4. Castellamonte

    Indiana based foundation to build a US$6.0M orphanage

    I read about this on DominicanToday but the organization mentioned, U.S. based Vea Jesus Foundation, seems to have no information on the Internet. I've also checked Tax-Exempt Organizations - Detailed Financial Reports, Statistics, Location - and cannot locate them. Does...
  5. Castellamonte

    AWilda Shipping (Bronx, NY -> Your Door)

    Bill Webster from Cabrera has suggested up here a few times to use AWilda Shipping. So many times, in fact, that I finally decided to try them out for a large shipment of special sealants I needed. I bought them (over $1000 worth), called Jennifer at AWilda to let her know they were incoming...
  6. Castellamonte

    Amazing News from Cabrera

    I felt I just had to share this because I'm astounded that it happened. After living in this country for nearly a decade I've become very used to politicians (and others) promising the moon and delivering cow dung (if they deliver anything at all). In other words, a promise is only as good as...
  7. Castellamonte

    Restaurant in Cabarete/Sosua/Puerto Plata

    I wanna take the missus to Cabarete, Sosua or Puerto Plata for a great dinner. We'll probably stay overnight someplace because of the resulting alcoholic content. What are your favorite restaurant recommendations?
  8. Castellamonte

    Dentist Recommendations?

    Does anyone know of a dentist in Cabarete, apparently trained in Germany? I have heard nice recommendations of his talents and a friend of mine is looking for a referral. If you know of him or have any other very good dentist I'd appreciate the contact information. You can PM me or post for...
  9. Castellamonte

    Amoebas & Parasites?

    Does anyone know the medical name (ingredients) of the pills we take here that get rid of intestinal amoebas from drinking the water? I used to have it written down and now a friend in the US needs to know. Ideas?
  10. Castellamonte

    Braggin' Rights

    We just had Invita Republica Dominicana (Channel 14 - ) at our villa last week and April Rose (Maxim/MTV model/hostess - April Rose - The Official Website) this week so it has been a great coupla weeks of fun in the sun. The most often commented while both...
  11. Castellamonte

    Garden Netting...what density?

    To any of you gardeners out there... We have a pretty good sized garden so we can grow a lot of veggies. We've found that the heat of summer can scorch more sensitive plants such as our variety of lettuces. So we've decided to install a black garden net over the portion of the garden where...
  12. Castellamonte

    US man pleads guilty to child sex tourism charges

    I sure hope the DR and other countries work harder together to stop the illicit and illegal abuse of children in this country. US man pleads guilty to child sex tourism charges - Many people do not realize that, at least under US law, you can be prosecuted for traveling to...
  13. Castellamonte

    Used 60Kw Cummins Diesel Generator

    I have a redundant diesel generator I want to sell. It's used but very well taken care of and just returned from a refurbish at the shop (got a new alternator) to boot. If you have a need, I'll make a good deal for someone because I have no place to put this for very long! DR1 - Classifieds
  14. Castellamonte

    Traffic Deaths in the Dominican Republic Ranks #2 Worldwide

    The Dominican Republic is the country with the second highest rate of traffic accident fatalities per capita, worldwide, according to the recently released "Global Status Report on Road Safety 2013" from the World Health Organization (WHO). The DR came in second behind the country of Niue...
  15. Castellamonte

    Just Remember Where You Are...

    Custom T-Shirts (Sizes M, L, XL) for when you get frustrated with the Dominican bureaucracy or EdeNorte/EdeSur...or any Ede...! Inbox me for details. [Update] Mediums are all gone. L and XL available. $20US.
  16. Castellamonte

    Vitamix...?es posible que ya est? aqu??

    Does anyone know if you can purchase a Vitamix in the DR? I brought one down to use personally but everyone who has seen it work -- including my chef -- really, really wants one. These things are beyond amazing and better than any other device (such as NinjaPro) I've ever used. Let me know if...
  17. Castellamonte

    Polo Magnetico

    Have you ever been to this place? Everything, large or small, wet or dry, will roll in seemingly the opposite direction from where it should. Wwwaaayyy off the beaten path but very entertaining to get to and experience. A must do for your Dominican 'bucket list'...
  18. Castellamonte

    Sanctuary in Playa Magente

    Does anyone know anything about this planned new development in Playa Magente? Sanctuary Eco Resort | Dominican Republic I'm personally not in favor of buying anything off plan for way too many reasons to list. But I am curious as to if this one will fly a little higher or better than those...
  19. Castellamonte

    Used 10-Passenger Golf Cart

    Does anyone know where I can purchase used golf carts, preferably the 10-passenger kind, in the Dominican Republic? Propane, please, as Edenorte couldn't charge a battery to save their lives. Any ideas?
  20. Castellamonte

    Casa Bonita - Paradise on the South Coast

    I thought I would just put the word out there to anyone who has never stayed at Casa Bonita in Barahona (Dominican Republic Hotels | Travel to Dominican | Hotels Barahona Dominican Republic - If you desire a relaxing, quiet space to unwind you definitely need to make the trek...