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  1. Bahoruco

    Hotel Bayahibe

    I stayed several times at Hotel Bayahibe and definitely can recommend it: good and clean rooms, cheap, optional breakfast is cheap. Definitely best value for money in the area. They have a restaurant in annex to the hotel with view on the small bay. You find other dining options within 200-300 m...
  2. Bahoruco

    Baharona Hotels...

    I liked Hotel Playazul, a little bit beyond Barahona on the road to Pedernales. To get there it is best to have a car, there is also a rather irregular bus from Barahona (with busstop near the hotel entrance). The area between Barahona and Pedernales is beautiful, and not very touristic. I...
  3. Bahoruco

    Looking for a quiet living area in Sto Dgo

    Jardines del Norte (area below the 'Jardin Botanico') is also quiet, e.g. the street of tennis club 'La Bola'. But count on around 1.000 USD / month. And some important things to consider (already mentioned earlier): owner will try to let you pay in USD noise of neighbours could indeed be a...
  4. Bahoruco

    New Software

    Has someone an answer on these questions from me ?
  5. Bahoruco

    Monte Cristi / Punta Rucia - worth a detour ?

    Punta Rucia is a very nixe beach, only crowded in weekend. There were 1-2 hotels with a few rooms (some years ago), even on the beach (which is very rare in the DR - excluding all-in). Cayo Arena: Can be very crowded with tourists from Puerto Plata (assuming there is tourists). I didn't like...
  6. Bahoruco

    New Software

    In the new software under your personal account info under: 'Your profile' - 'Postings': You find all postings you did since upgrade to the new software 'Your profile' - 'Messages': I see count of all my messages including the old ones, but I find under 'Postings' only new postings (since...
  7. Bahoruco

    Dominican Football (Soccer) Season 2020

    During my 3 years in the Dominican Republic I saw only 4 (four) times people playing football (soccer): a few Columbian children playing on a small field in Jarabacoa a few girls somewhere on the countryside (yes, girls) Haitians on a Sunday afternoon in the park Mirador Sur in the capital two...
  8. Bahoruco

    Should Juan Carlos get residencia dominicana?

    According to the Spanish newspaper ABC Juan-Carlos is already in the Dominican Republic. He should have arrived inn the airport of Santo Domingo. Don Juan Carlos ya está en República Dominicana Apparently ABC brought also as first news medium the news that Juan-Carlos wanted to leave Spain.