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  1. Lee J. Cook

    Recommendation for optometrist and pediatrician?

    As far as I know, Clinica Infantil Norte specializes in pediatric care and has a good reputation for attentive and thorough care. There is also the Pediatrics Norte clinic, which offers excellent pediatric services with experienced and caring doctors. I can't give a personal review, but friends...
  2. Lee J. Cook

    Notice to leave - renting commercial premises

    In the Dominican Republic, the terms and conditions for renting commercial premises are typically outlined in the lease agreement. Generally, tenants are not free to leave at any time without potential penalties unless there is a clause in the contract allowing such flexibility. The lease...
  3. Lee J. Cook

    Certified check

    I was going to send in Dominican pesos, but I was told that for ease of processing the check should be made out in US dollars. Sent a certified check from the bank, and was also advised that the recipient would need to deposit the certified check at their bank in the US.
  4. Lee J. Cook


    Personally, I did not have the opportunity to use Punta Cana airport, but I know positive reviews from friends and colleagues who used it. In particular, they bypassed long queues and received personal assistance, which significantly improved the travel experience, especially after a long flight...