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    Buying a rental/for sale ad.

    I Thought that I'd try DR1. Going thru the pages of how to do it and what payment method they will except, that I will not do, leaves me out. Very unclear and run in circles with me running out the door. I'd rather go to an IRS audit.... and have several times and those were easy compared to...
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    New place for Cedulas.

    I looked and did not see any update on this so excuse me if I missed it. Had to get Cedula renewed and they move about 2 years ago. From the Plaza de la Bandera traffic circle. South on Av. Luperion about .33 kilometers on the right side/west side. You will have passed a couple of PARKING...
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    Found Wallet; Sosua

    We are trying to find the owner of a wallet, Hans Peter ????????? Lives in Sosua. None of the phone numbers in the wallet are connected, we are trying to send e-mails. PM me if you are him or know the person. Thanks.
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    And another attempt to rob!

    I'm so tired of posting about this stuff but feel that I should. 2:30 AM last night. Shotgun fired by a guard near us. I get up look and listen. I hear nothing. No talking, NO dogs, no cars. No nothing. I go back to bed and another shot fired. I do the same again. The guards near us...
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    Official: Figures prove Dominican Republic?s tourism is among safest Santo Domingo.- Tourism minister Francisco Javier Garcia on Thursday said Dominican Republic?s tourism is among the safest with a very low rate of assaults against locals...
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    Dominican cattle ranchers again promised a halt to rustling Santo Domingo.- Justice minister Francisco Dom?nguez on Friday vowed to deal with the cattle rustlers which have caused millions in losses to ranchers, despite similar promises...
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    Leg prosthetist needed.

    One of your occasional workers brother was hit by a car yesterday and they had to remove one leg just below the knee. He is at the POP hospital at this time. A young man and decent family but very poor. Anyone knowing someone somewhere that can donate (or below cost?) a leg prosthetist...
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    22 hours in my life.

    let's just call this another FUN time. I love a challenge and this one I'll share. I can go to a Casino and walk out with money. I can invest in the Stock Market and make money. I can buy real estate and I'm good. I can and have done lot's of things and feel that I've done a good job...
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    Local Dominican Republic Weather via

    I do not wish to detract from MikeF. He has done and continues to give us the best information concerning the BIG picture that we need to know to be ready and safe. A BIG THANKS TO MIKEF. I have my little home weather station for our local weather here on the north coast and I'm on...
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    We've gone LOCK DOWN!

    I've reported about our little area in Playa Chiquita not to long ago. It appears that we are entering J.R.'s world not to far from us, but no one has been shot yet. (but we are know into no more warning shots.) As reported before, everyone has been robbed at least one this last year except...
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    a new ... More about Sosua thread... geeez!

    Perhaps things MIGHT change a little? I don't speculate but try to observe and use REAL experience. I have had several friends that have stayed with us before and they have been VERY hesitant on buying. I too have been looking for land for my own reasons. Sosua IS A HUGE concern since NONE...
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    Corp. Taxes due on Monday, April 14th.

    We raced to our attys. office this last Friday to pay our Corp. taxes. Our Corp. just has our land and we pay 1% of the property value as determined by our lawyer and whom ever she deals with. I had to laugh as I went over the papers and saw an 18% itbis tax on our tax. We had the option this...
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    NEW LOW for the D.R.

    I've stopped posting or even opening my mail with anything concerning DR1. But I do a quick scan and mostly ignore everything. This evening I saw a PM from someone that I respect concerning an abandoned/dumped foal and was asking or help. Being that I respect the person and have some...
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    Buying a LARGE Jeep?

    I've searched Suppercarros and six cylinders is the largest that I have been able to find. Nothing with a tow package. Is this due to the new laws? My 13 year old Jeep with the big V8 and class IV tow package will need to be replaced soon. She has been a great car but even though she only...
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    4 day NOT easy horse ride.

    I've been thinking about this for some time and have made some progress while I work out some details. A couple of other threads brought back my desire to get out and do MORE things. Explore. See. Be challenged. Do. Meet others and enjoy them. I'm hoping to get a ride together in March...
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    Venting.. have at it.

    I've been around for awhile and posted some what I hope is good information and I've posted my disdain for crap. But I need to vent. I have a deep desire to talk about what is real and true vs. ??? Keep in mind that I live at the end... dead end of a road. I'm the LAST house but I have...
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    J.C. was here for the Rapture but... .. he had a little problem.
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    High Res. Photographer needed ASAP.

    We need a high res. photo of the orphans in Santiago. One that can be blown up to poster size to help: It must be able to be emailed/sent to professional printers in the U.S. and D.R. Your...
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    A MUST READ! A trip with photos that you never would have known.

    William Webster, mbgnike and I agree: One of the best, if not the best, thread/blog here on DR1. Ever. Thank you cavebiker.... Amazing.
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    WB... did u find Batteries?

    I've spent over an hour using the "search" and I'm very convinced that it does not work. AT ALL. So I open a new thread. W.B.. How is your search for batteries going?