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    Ban Me

    I've NEVER, across ANY blogs of any nature seen Mod's that are so bitch made. Why do they delete threads and posts for almost no reason? got know what...its a new day in the dominican republic..My ex pat forum is coming soon and you will all be free to say what you want as long as...
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    Why are "chica's" frowned upon here?

    I'm a newbie here and i've noticed that alot of the veterans on this forum frown upon anyone talking about women of the night... Anyone care to fill me in why? Even when in a joking manner I see a lot of people get their feelings caught up. I understand there are a lot of retiree's here but...
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    Luxury car rental in Puerto Plata?

    I'm looking for a safe and secure place to rent 2 luxury suv's.. maybe escallade? Any info is appreciated
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    Best luxury car rental near POP airport?

    I'm going in september, about 8 of us. we're hoping to rent 2 luxury SUV's or atleast big SUV's...i'm tired of renting CRV's. Any info would be helpful
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    Anyone stayed at Villa Agua Dulce

    I'm traveling in September to cabarete. I'm staying at Agua Dulce. Anybody have any info on this place? Villas Agua Dulce:Home
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    Land in Maimon ?

    I was wondering, is it too late to find fairly priced land in maimon now that the seaport is under way? Any one here own land in maimon? I"m from DR but live in US.
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    Hi, I'm the new guy

    I'm Dominican, but have been in USA for over 25 years (american citizen). I travel often to DR. I've been lurking on the forums for a while and thought it was time to introduce myself