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    Lost passport

    Hi, Sorry if this is in the wrong section....the new layout of DR1 has thrown me. Anyway.... My husband (in DR) got his visa to UK last December and we seperated at the same time. He has a new gf (Canadian) but he told me he is only using her for the money to get a flight to UK to be with me...
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    Police Checks

    Hi.....dont know if this post is in the right section....but I lived in DR for 3 years and now moved back to UK. My new employer is currently insisting that I get a police check for my time that I lived abroad. Just had a current check done here, but they want one from there. I tried to...
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    Yes, my marriage to my Dominican hubby has bit the dust.....please save any comments. He decided to cheat on me with a Canadian lady (married) so I left him in DR. Now he says he is going to divorce me, and she will do the same with her hubby, then they can get married and he can go to Canada...
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    Money Order

    Where can I get a money order from???? I know in UK, I would go to the post office to get one. How would I get one here?
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    Urgent advice needed

    My son was born in Puerto Plata (dominican father and british mother.) He has a british passport. I want to leave with him next week (with mother) and not with the father. Last time we left, we got the document with the fathers permission to travel.....but it was never checked. Do we need this...
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    Got a visa to the for flights??

    Ok, so we got our visa to UK. What are our options for flying there? Can we just go to a rep and get us a direct flight there? Or is it better to fly via Brussels?? ANy help would be appreciated, Thanks!
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    Rude people

    I thought after living here in the DR for 3 years that nothing could possibly shock me. I was wrong. I was in a supermarket in Sosua last week in the early evening. As I was walking to the checkout a rather large foreign gentleman was blocking my path. I said politely 'excuse me' and he...
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    Living in Puerto Plata

    So I am interested if anyone knows of any nice places to live in Puerto Plata. Either a one bedroom apartment or small house (secure area - very important to me!) Pool would be great, but not a necessity. Internet is needed as is 24 hour water and electric (or as close to that as pos) Looking at...
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    Apartments in Santiago

    Hi, Can anyone send me a link of apartments as close as possible to this area in Santiago; Ave. Bartolom? Col?n, Los Jardines Im looking for a secure place (1 bedroom)....preferably with a pool and 24 hour electricity. Thanks.
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    British Woman Found Dead

    Im hearing rumours about a woman that disappeared from a hotel in Sosua. She missed her flight home and nobody could find her apparantly. She should of flown back to UK last Monday I believe. Anyway, today I hear something about police finding a body near Cabarete. Is this true or just...
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    Amet.........dont they have anything better to do?

    Now I know Amet have always been a pain in the rear......but seriously are they THAT bored now to take all their time towing away people's motorbikes???? They must have nothing better to do. I witnessed one Amet truck today in Sosua taking away 4 or 5 motorbikes, im presuming due to lack of...
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    New daycare centre for babies/toddlers

    Looks like spam to me.... deleted until I see different.
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    Playa Dorada cinema

    Does anyone know if the cinema is re-opened yet? If not, when it is likely to? Thanks.
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    Visa to UK denied. Need help

    I just recieved confirmation that the spouse visa for my husband was denied to UK. We both live in DR and want to move back to UK with our son. But alas, thats not possible now. Can anybody offer any suggestions as to what I should do next. Appeal? What are the chances? Do I get a lawyer? Apply...
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    Impuestos Internos

    Can anybody give me the phone number for this place in Puerto Plata please? It is near to Casa Nelson. Thanks.
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    Banco Popular

    Can somebody please confirm what time Banco Popular is open until today in Puerto Plata? Thanks
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    Buses to Santiago

    Hi, Its been a while since I took Caribe Tours or Metro to Santiago from Sosua.....can someone remind me of the prices please. And if anyone remembers the times they leave too it would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Wedding paperwork

    Hi, Im getting married in December and im trying to get my head around the paperwork. I am from UK and I think the only paperwork I need (for me) is my full birth certificate and a document confirming I am single. I have my birth I need it to be translated? Can I get a...
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    Make up people

    I need to find a place where I can get a prefessional make over for a wedding. Preferably someone in Cabarete, Sosua or Puerto Plata. Does anyone have anyone they would recommend as reliable, reasonably priced and wont make me look like a clown? Thanks
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    Breezes Puerto Plata

    Any news on when they are likely to re-open and under what name? Want to book my wedding at this location.....hope it opens soon.