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    Anybody want some books (English and German)

    theres a swap meet section where every one post stuff for trade ot give away
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    heading to santo domingo

    im happy to head back my bags are packed jfk here i come
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    where to find dry ice

    hey not sure if i posted this before but im wondering is there a place in santo doming that sells dry ice. i just need to add it to the freezer when the lights go out
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    my acount was suspended today. dont know how long but i never did any thing wrong on the site but get picked on a few years ago here :squareeye
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    inverter batteries

    any one selling batteries for the inverters let me know i will buy
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    where to find ricotta cheese

    i know ole and the other supermarkets sale the same dame thing with no variety were can i find ricotta cheese. i dont really want to bring it to dr since the workers at the airport hired the hulk to load the bags and i know i will have ricotta cheese all over the place in the bag. if i can make...
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    where to buy a puppy

    hey do any one know were i can buy a Yorkshire Terrier puppy in santodomingo or pop and how much they cost thanks
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    best mail service to ship to santo domingo

    hey im looking to send some papers to santo domingo or boca chica area do any body know of a good postal office. any help will be appreciated
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    motorcycle rentals

    hey do any one know of any motorcycle rental places in the area or in the santo domingo capital area im more into sportsbikes or dirt bikes
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    has any body been to the theme park past boca chica

    i was mad at my girl friend in santo domingo when i came back to ny and found out theres a nice theme park water park past boca chica when i looked at the map. all the time i been sitting in the house watching her wash cloths and me just walking around in boca chica i could of been there every...
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    shipping a a/c

    hey i was wondering has any body shipped a a/c to santo domingo and what was the cost to get it out of costumes. i have two a/c small enough to fit in a shipping box any help would be appreciated
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    had a good trip to santo domingo

    i came back the 4th of feb and had a good time ate every day at the toucano and a little bit at the gusto ;restaurant food was cheap and good but had to run into Charley which beat up a crack head for the co owner and was locked up and was bailed out by his mother. they could of helped him out...
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    looking for a cheap rental car

    hey i will be in santo domingo tomorrow or tuesday and i rented from the airport alot but im looking for something cheaper than 50 a day. i seen the guys at the airport with the no name rental cars like private companys i want to know do they rip you off or pull any kind of scams
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    do any body know were i can buy a cheap new sofa orused one for a reasonable price

    do any body know were i can buy a cheap new sofa orused one for a reasonable price or tell me what other items you may have also
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    hey any body know were i can find a butcher for a nice thick rib steak

    hello every one. i was hoping some one knows were to find a good butcher were i can find a nice rib steak around the sosua area. any help would be appreciated
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    why is some people on this forum so negative

    i posted basic questions twice and there is always some smart comment im thinking are these people depressed or do they dislike the way they are
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    any weight lifting gyms in in the area

    being that i dont have to work while im on vacation im looking to find a gym to work out that has alot of free weights and machines
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    looking to sale any thing from the us while in dr

    any body know of any thing i can sell to make a few bucks while im out there or any body want something from the us and would pay a few dollars more for it
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    date confirmed going to santo domingo

    i booked the flight im heading there january 4th to the 17th i will be staying at a hotel Calle Caracoles, Corales del Sur, Santo Domingo Este, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. for at least three days so i can search for other hotels and i will be meeting up with a female on the 7th so i want...
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    any cheap hotels in santo domingo or boca chica

    looking for a reasonably priced hotel in the area i always been to sosua now ill be in santo domingo with no idea of any hotels