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  1. Waitman


    By the way, the Altice web site is functional again. The account section was broken for quite some time. Maybe a year? I don't remember. Called and tried to pay the bill over the phone a few weeks ago, and they charged my card 10 pesos. That's it. I was like OK now what? Seemed like nobody was...
  2. Waitman

    What have they done to Zadok!

  3. Waitman

    I'm still here

    This morning I went to the gym. That Smart Fit one with the Amazon smilie face logo. Came back home to cook. Started having crazy chest pains, sweating, and heavy breathing. I put a 500 mg aspirin under my tongue and let it dissolve. (i've read that's a quicker route to the bloodstream than the...
  4. Waitman

    Los Altos de Chavón

    Here are some photos from Saturday. I declared today is canned beer day, just because every other day is bottled beer day. I lived in Los Altos California for many years and it's similar to Los Altos Dominican Republic, it's the richest area (wealthy is a dangerous word) in DR i've been so...
  5. Waitman

    Mango festival - Baní 2018

    Here are a few photos from the 2018 Mango festival in Baní
  6. Waitman

    Runners - help run 24,901 miles (challenge)

    I'm working with the founder of Runner's World magazine to set up "Run The World" global run challenge. It's 24,901 miles. (40,074 km). Right now there's runners representing 11 countries, would be great to have runners representing DR.
  7. Waitman

    Great to see an active forum

    Hello, I'm presently living in SF Bay Area California but relocating to DR around Christmas with the intention of marrying a Dominican. I'm an IT guy since the mid-1990's so it's great to see an active forum. I don't have any particular questions at the moment however I'm glad to have access to...