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  1. NanSanPedro

    Using a shipper (ie, BM Cargo) as your permanent address in the USA

    I don't own or rent a home in the USA. Right now, I'm using my sister's address for a mailing address. Would there be a problem if I just changed my permanent address to the BM Cargo address? I'm not sure if it's legal. Thanks Pedro (my new name)
  2. NanSanPedro

    Dominican equivalent of Craig's List

    Hi. I used to have a link for the Dominican equivalent of Craig's List on my other laptop that just died. Does anyone know what it is? It seemed good for looking for second hand stuff. Thanks Rob
  3. NanSanPedro

    Gonzo be in trouble!

    I just saw this on Dominican today. Sed de Justicia will file a complaint against former ministers Gonzalo and Pepín in DR More in link.
  4. NanSanPedro

    lo que vs. que

    I'm not sure if I understand the difference. Tengo hambre pero no sé lo que quiero comer. This is a Fluencia sentence that I got wrong because I did not put the "lo" before the que. Why is it needed? Thanks. Rob
  5. NanSanPedro

    Trade Schools

    The thread on the Plumber coming to the DR and the mentions by 2 posters of good trade guys getting good $ got me to thinking. As some of you know, I have a 17 y/o Haitian son I have unofficially adopted. He doesn't appear to be university material but he knows Spanish very well and is...
  6. NanSanPedro

    Any Santo Domingo OMSA (bus) experts?

    Hi I need to go from el parque enriquillo to bella vista 3 times a week to see a chiropractor for my sciatica. I can walk to Caribe Tours, on 27 de Febrero and take the bus from there. I really don't know the name of the bus nor do I know where to ask to stop. I've gone on their website and...
  7. NanSanPedro

    Hot Dogs

    What is the best way to say hot dogs in Dominican Spanish? Google Translate says "pancho" but I don't thing I've heard that before. We buy Emilios at Ole and they say hot dog, which isn't much help. Thanks!
  8. NanSanPedro

    Suggestion, a thread about when to use a with the infinitive

    Right now, I'm confused about it. I get it right about 1/2 the time, but it's only because I'm guessing. There as to be grammatical rules about when and when not to use a with the infinitive. I just don't know what they are. An example, but without the infinitive (courtesy Fluencia)...
  9. NanSanPedro

    It seems permanent to me

    So I'm doing a Fluencia quiz and they ask me to translate "The flowers in the garden are dead." I write " Las flores en el jardin son muertas." They say it should be estan and not son, because "It looks like you mixed up son, a form of the verb ser, with están, a form of the verb estar...
  10. NanSanPedro

    desde peru o de peru?

    Hi. Not sure why one is preferred over the other. I'm getting this from my Fluencia class. Anyone know? Thanks! Rob
  11. NanSanPedro

    Buying a laptop in SD

    Any recommendations for buying a laptop in the capital? I'm looking at a place called OAS. Anyone have any good/bad experience with buying one there? Thanks!
  12. NanSanPedro

    Circus at Bavaro

    Hi, I'm taking my 16 year old restavek (he's really my adopted kid) to the circus next month (cirque du soleil) and would like any advice on where to stay and do you really need to buy tickets in advance. Also, we have made him legal now, he has a current passport and visa, which I understand...
  13. NanSanPedro

    Cosas de mi pais Republica Dominicana

    Hard to pick out a favorite, although the cow on the moto is easily a top 10.
  14. NanSanPedro

    Pixel 4 with Google Fi

    Hi, next question: Anyone have any experience with the Pixel 4 and Google Fi here? It appears to be a good deal and I'm wondering if it's too good to be true. Thanks, and don't forget my question a few days ago about the Aqua Park in Punta Cana!!! :laugh:
  15. NanSanPedro

    Aqua Park

    Any opinions on the Punta Cana Aqua Park. It seems pricey at $85/person. Does anyone have experience with it and would it be a decent day trip? Thanks for any and all advice in advance. Rob
  16. NanSanPedro

    Hello from San Pedro!

    Been living here since October. Finally decided to register after lurking for a few months. I live close to Jumbo in what I consider a very nice part of town. So far, I love it here. I retired in September of 2018 and don't regret anything (yet!). Roberto