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    Hi, Is there anywhere in the Puerto Plata area to buy fiberglass cloth and resin? A few months back I found some at the ferreteria (forgot the name) in PP (on or near Calle San Felipe as I recall). However it was just the 'Mat' kind and the resin was in bulk (poured into a couple empty used...
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    Another Accident

    Just heard word that a man possibly from the Czech Republic was in an accident near Dulce Secreto. It apparently involved a guagua and pasola. I am told he died. I can confirm an ambulance rushed towards the area this morning. I don't know any other details...
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    Late to the party!

    Hi, After a long time browsing (lurking) the boards I finally registered. I'm from the Toronto area. Grew up camping, fishing, and doing outdoors type stuff much of my life. My first trip to DR was around 2005 to an all-inclusive. Loved it. It was about 50% of the cost at the time of a 1...