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    Starting a new life.

    I live in a neighborhood that is full of gun shots, gangs, drugs, rape, etc. I totally understand the distaste of forgeners into your country, yet if they are educated, proficient in the language and have the better of all people's interest, it should be a sweet good deal all around, right?
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    Living as a local

    I plan to live as a local, none of the Americanized crap. How should I plan? I have 2 dogs, I don't need luxuries, I just plan on living and working hard. What is a good cost of living projection?
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    If you travle to America....

    You can flush toilet paper down the toilet. Funniest thing ever, that I witnessed at the JFK airport. Sweet gesture, but unnecessary.:)
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    I want to move to the D.R.!!!!

    I just left from an amazing vacation in Puerta Plata, and I have decided that I am going to change my life around. I have been doing a lot of reserch into citizenship/jobs/home. I have figured on taking about a year to save up money. Depending on what kind of job I find will help determine how...