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    Need a plumber with leak listening equipment

    I have had a leak in my second floor bathroom for over a year now. I've "repaired" this leak 3 times; the last time I had the entire floor removed and all of the pipes exposed. After the leak was "fixed" and the floors were replaced, about 1 week later it started again. I don't want to go...
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    Mitsubishi Montero 2008, thoughts?

    Hey guys.....a friend of mine that is coming to live here from the States is looking for a vehicle. He really likes the Mitsubishi Montero and Ive seen a good amount of them for sale on supercarros....I wanted to get some feedback to see if anyone owns one or is familair.....thanks.
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    Urgent- Where is the Club de los Militares Aut Duarte Santiago?

    Have to be there by 6pm....could someone tell me where that is? Is it the military base a little further up from el HOMS?
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    Tech for Porton Motor in Santiago needed

    Hey guys, The motor that opens the "porton" (Metal Gate) isn't responding. I have tried with both controls, even replaced the batteries and still. Can someone recommend a tech to come and look at it? It would have to be in Santiago. Cheers!
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    Need a reliable mechanic in Cofresi area for vehicle check

    Tomorrow I will be taking a trip to Cofresi near the LifeStyle Resort to check out a vehicle that is for sale. I want to take it to a mechanic to have him check it out for me. Can anyone here recommend a mechanic in that area or somewhat close by? Thanks!
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    Clubs in Santiago

    Other than El Centro Espa?ol, what other clubs are there? Honestly, I know of Amaprosan, and Gurabito. 1) Is anyone familiar with any others? 2) Are you familiar with pricing on any one of these? 3) Which would you recommend? I'm in Santiago; Cheers and good morning. :smoke:
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    Slow Claro DSL in Santiago, anyone else?

    As of today Ive noticed extremely slow internet speeds with Claro. Ping times exceed 3000ms and download speeds are a 1/4 of what I normally get. Anyone else seeing this in Santiago?
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    Are there any places in Santiago to take the kids on Halloween for some candy?

    As the title says....we got the costumes, it would be great to take my daughter trick or treating in Santiago....Any change this may be possible in some mall such as International or Bella Terra Mall?
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    Propecia or Finasteride/Rogaine or Minoxidil in Santiago?

    Ok, So i've been neglecting my hair loss for some time now and I think it's time to do something about it. Ive researched a bit online and found, from user testimonies, that Propecia (Finasteride) in combination with Rogaine (Minoxidil) works the best. I can probably get it in the States but...
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    Same s*** different president

    At first I would say to myself that this president is going to make a difference in the crime rate; then I read this article posted today,.... El Caribe ? Apresan 121 presuntos delincuentes en las ?ltimas 24 horas At the bottom of the article it says: That sounds great, these operations are...
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    Need suggestion on monitoring company in Santiago

    Hey guys, Could someone please suggest an alarm monitoring/patrolling company here in Santiago? I am familiar with Alerta, and Alarm365; I would love to get suggestions of others too as well as any good/bad reviews on them. I heard that Alerta was once bad (Like a year ago) but that after...
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    Man, I sure miss this guy

    I used to watch these shows with my father. I still laugh so hard I almost cry. Here is one
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    Looking for a female Golden Retriever to mate

    I have a male Golden Retriever which I brought from the States and I want to mate him with a female. Anyone know anyone that has one? I live in Santiago. Cheers.
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    This is why you don't hire a novice to do work!

    Ok, so first off, this is the 4th time I had to "open" this bathroom up. The previous 3 times was because of ****ty plumbing work. This time around, I felt a specific area of the floor was heating up. I automatically thought to myself: "well, if i had other plumbing issues with the cold water...
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    TV via satellite

    Hey guys.... 1) Anyone have TV via satellite here? Could you let me know quality of image, # of channels you get and if they are in English? Also, how much did you pay to install and how much monthly? 2) Please recommend someone who can get me up and running. I spoke to a guy on the phone...
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    DR = Detroit!

    Holy cow...I just realized DR is as similar to Detroit as far as crime. Check out the crime news in Detroit... Detroit, Michigan Crime News Armed car jackings, cops shot at, armed robberies, police taking hours to arrive,...
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    Have to renew NYS driver's license

    Hey guys, I have to renew my NYS driver's license but they are asking for an eye exam. Hope this isn't a stupid question, but does anyone have any clue whether DMV would accept an eye exam from a DR doctor? To add to this thread...I went down to Obra Publica to see about getting a DR driver's...
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    Buying from ebay and shipping to Santiago

    I need a car radio and saw one that fits my car on ebay. Spoke to the seller and he says he can ship from Hong Kong to DR via DHL for $250...LOL, thats more than what the item cost. Anyone know if a less expensive way I can buy online on ebay and get it here.
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    Please recommend a Periodontist in Santiago

    I need some dental work done: tooth extraction + bone graph insertion and need a good periodontist. My teeth are very sensitive due to my receding gum line so I need someone with magic hands. Preferably someone who uses laughing Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or any other methods to calm/relax a...
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    Storm a generator necessary?

    For those that have been in the Santiago (Gurabo) area for the storm seasons, has the power gone out for days? I have an inverter (3.5KW) with 4 batteries. I figure under my use I could get 6-8 hours of power. Has the power been gone for more than that during last year's storm season? Also...