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    Looking for a place to rent for noomatutorial center #2

    We are still looking for the site for our middle and high school students. We have expanded into two locations, one for elementary and the new center is for middle and high school students. We have everything ready to go but a location. View our site at NOOMA TUTORIAL CENTER for information...
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    High school tutorial center needs a space in sosua/cabarette

    Hello everyone: Opening a tutorial/homeschooling center for ages 13-17. This would be the 2 Nooma Tutorial Center. Please look at our website NOOMA TUTORIAL CENTER. Certified teachers, accredited program. Need a space with bathroom and open area for work tables, each Middle to High...
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    Anyone know where to get your ears pierced in Sosua (safely)

    Anyone have any place they could recommend to get my ears pierced in Sosua...don't want dirty needles etc.
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    where can I get my ears pierced in Sosua area

    I can't believe I am posting this.....but I really want to get my ears pierced....they were pierced for years and when I was working with children on the autism spectrum I took my earrings out and now I need to have them done again.....any suggestions, I would need to get the earrings
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    LOOKING for a friend of my sisters

    Hi all... My husband and I moved to Sosua last October. My sister is in the states...she is looking for a friend that seems to have dropped off the face of the earth! He was an attorney in Michigan USA, moved to the DR about 6 years ago. They kept in touch but the past 2 years she has lost...