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    GTA women charged with cocaine smuggling behind bars in Dominican Republic

    They planned to stay in the Dominican Republic for just a week, but it may be years before three GTA women return home after they were arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle 18 kilograms of cocaine onto a Toronto-bound flight Monday night. Violet Teresa Pluas, a 38-year-old North York mother...
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    Family of Que. student killed in Dominican awarded $340,000

    The family of a teen who died doing humanitarian work while on an internship in the Dominican Republic will receive more than $340,000 in damages. Fran?ois-Jacques Roussin was 18 and a student at Champlain-St-Lawrence College in Sainte Foy, Que. in 2004 when he started the internship with Plan...
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    US Expat Taxes Explained: Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative

    UPDATE: The deadline has been extended to September 9th, 2011! US citizens are taxed on their worldwide income, and are required to file US Expat Taxes if their income exceeds the Federal filing threshold, even with income from anywhere in the world. However, there have been numerous US...
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    Relaxing at Big Mama's, Playa Sosua

    YouTube - Hanging out at Big Mama's, Playa Sosua YouTube - Kids Dancing At Sosua Beach Whoops, meant to put this in North coast. :ermm:
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    CAD/DOP Rate

    I wonder what the Dominican cambios are paying for Loonies these days. I would guess around 33-34. Using live mid-market rates. <table class="XEtbl_sub" align="center" border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr><td colspan="4" class="XEenlarge" align="center"...
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    DDD Love Story Movie

    DDD Love Story
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    What is a "respectable" Dominican?

    Is a respectable Dominican somehow different than other respectable people? I respect people who respect people, the environment, and life. There is an old saying that 'Respect is earned, not given' but I don't agree with this. I would say this applicable to trust but not respect. I respect...
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    I'm in love and moving to the Dominican ASAP!!

    Hola todos.:classic: I have had it with this rat race and I am out of here.:dead: I just returned from my first visit to the Dominican and I met the love of my live at the resort and now I can't stand to be away from her.:cry: I hope that the saying that love conquers all is in fact...
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    Dominicanas not welcome at Mangu in PC?

    Punta Cana forum: Very Bad Experience at MANGU....Please Read - TripAdvisor "THEY KICKED HER OUT FOR BEING A DOMINICAN WOMAN!!!!!" vienemo This looks so disgusting that it is hard to imagine. There must be more to it than simply being a Dominicana, doesn't there?:ermm: If they have a...
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    Puerto Plata Beach

    I am amazed at how much sand they brought in. There are many areas along the malecon that are nice and convenient for people to enjoy.
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    Bride And Gloom

    No wonder sankies love Canadians. This sad story involves a Cuban but it is the same as many from the DR and other places. Bride left broke by alien husband Dumped Canadian wife still financially responsible for him even though he conned her...
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    Malibook's Life in Sevens

    This is DR1,Not Canada1.We don't posts lists about how great Countries are to live in.Except the DR of course! CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC 7 things I love about the Dominican Republic: I really can't comment on what it is like to live there and I have only seen a small portion but these are a...
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    Why so many invisible DR1ers?

    Show thy selves.
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    Best way to buy pesos

    Hola everybody. I have always taken US dollars to the Dominican because there has always been a significant premium paid on US dollars over every other currency, relative to the official exchanges. One could often get more than the offical exchange for US$ where other currencies were usually...
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    Times are tough

    I've been here 5 times in 3 years and I have never seen so much despair. It seems like an endless supply of people waiting and hoping for a customer, any customer. I talk to taxi drivers who go several days without any business. The 200 pesos per hour I offer is readily accepted by almost all...
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    This place is muy caro!

    Holy hyperinflation Batman! I can't believe the prices! MGD at Mountainview was 50 pesos last year, around $1US. Now they are 90 pesos, close to $3US! MGD in Hemingway's is 180P. MGD in Crazy Moon is 195P. Round of golf is $65US. Plus caddy, rentals, and drinks it is not cheap. Taxis are...
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    This is why I always book last minute trips;DR Plus it is less expensive.
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    Duty Free, How much is allowed into DR?

    Can someone tell me how much duty free goods one is allowed to bring to the Dominican Republic? I would like to take a couple of bottles of alcohol and perfume. Thanks.
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    Playa Dorada Hotels?

    Hola everyone. I am going to book a last minute trip to Puerto Plata. I was planning to stay at Jack Tar but it is sold out. My choices are now Fun Royale and Paradise. Is Fun Royale close walking distance to Jack Tar casino and Crazy Moon disco? Do all resorts prohibit customers from inviting...