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    Guagua and publico prices between Puerto Plata and Maimon

    Can anyone tell me the current prices for guaguas and carros publicos between Puerto Plata and Maimon (or more specifically the entrance to the Riu)? My ballpark guess is 20 and 25 pesos respectively.
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    Rumor mill: AA on the verge of a hostile takeover.. by US Airways!

    AMR Unions Said Prepared to Back US Airways Takeover Bid - Bloomberg In related news, AA reports today that it lost $1.7 Billion in the first three months of 2012.
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    American Eagle to cease all SJU-DR routes in March 2013

    In fact, American Eagle is ceasing operations in San Juan altogether, ending all service to neighboring Caribbean islands The affected routes for the Dominican Republic are SDQ-SJU 4 times a day PUJ-SJU 2 times a day STI-SJU once a day LRM-SJU twice a week POP-SJU has already been gone for a...
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    AA Changes To Mexico, The Caribbean, Central And South America Bag Charges

    It was this time last year they ditched the free second bag. Now, they increased the fee for it. The Caribbean and Central America to/from the United States, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Canada, Europe, or India Customers who purchased tickets in the Main Cabin on or after February...
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    Taxi cost from Saman? to Las Galeras

    If I arrive in Saman? (town) on Caribe Tours, how much should I expect to pay for a taxi to get to Las Galerasi? I want to stay at the Grand Paradise and I will have too much luggage to go in a guagua.
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    publico routes from Parque Independenca

    Do the carros p?blicos parked on the north side of the Parque Independencia on Av. Bolivar all head west on Bolivar all the way to Churchill, Bella Vista? Is there a specific corner or stop where the cars headed west to Bella Vista leave? What do the hand signals the drivers make here mean?
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    US airline ticket taxes suspended

    Fare searched today. AMERICAN AIRLINES 2189 TPA Tampa Aug 17, 2011 09:50 AM MIA Miami Aug 17, 2011 10:55 AM 738 Economy N AMERICAN AIRLINES 2415 MIA Miami Aug 17, 2011 12:30 PM PUJ Punta Cana Aug 17, 2011 02:50 PM 738 Economy N AMERICAN AIRLINES 1830 PUJ Punta Cana Aug 31, 2011 03:30 PM MIA...
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    JetBlue announcing 70th destination on 7/6/11. Another DR destination?

    JetBlue is having a little contest to guess their 70th destination they will begin service to, which will be announced on 7/6/11. Those who guessed correctly can be entered to win a trip for two to that destination. They have dropped hints saying it is south of New York, sunscreen is a must...
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    As airfares climb..

    Since we are seeing airfares climb again I found it interesting when I stumbled online at this old American Airlines timetable from January 1979. In those days, fares were published right on the timetable as they really did not fluctuate as they do now.The fares were set and approved by the...
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    Orange prepagado question

    I know that with the Orange prepagado plan, if the number is not used for several months, you lose the number and have to get a new SIM card and number. If I return to the states then return to the DR in a few months would adding credit to the phone while in the states keep the number and SIM...
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    Ugh! Spirit tweaks its baggage fees again.

    Can you imagine somebody who goes to the airport not knowing about the carry on bag fee and being asked to fork over $40 at the check in counter for it?
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    Looks like the days of 2 free checked bags to DR now officialy over

    AA really sneaked this one up on us. For years after fees for all bags were applied for domestic flights. AA maintained 2 free bags to the non-US Caribbean and Central America. (They know their customer base) I just checked in for my flight to SDQ and it's now 1 bag free, 2nd for $30. I'm...
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    Spirit Airlines pilots walk off the job.

    Spirit airlines pilots have walked off the job effective 5am this morning (ET). The union and the management team agreed to extend negotiations past the original midnight deadline until 5am, but shortly after that the pilots union has released the following press release. ALPA News Release As...
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    Free wifi in Boca Chica

    Hello does anyone know of any restaurants, bars, etc. in Boca Chica that offer free wifi for its customers? The hotel where I'll be staying does not offer it at all, and other major hotels offer it for a fee.
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    Spirit to charge for carry-on baggage

    I've generally liked Spirit, and lovetheir $160 taxes all in fares to SDQ and STI and for years have defended the concept of unbundling fares and services to pay only for what the passenger needs. Airlines are in the business of transporting passengers and are not (usually) cargo operators, nor...
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    Guaguas from Boca Chica

    If I want to take a guagua from Boca Chica to Santo Domingo, do the guaguas still leave from Parque Central? Do I have to change guaguas going from Boca Chica to the Capital? Do I pay on the first bus or the seond? What is the going price for the guagua?
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    Jetblue totally revamping frequent flyer program!

    The thing is I haven't decided if its for the better or worse :ermm: Old system: Earn points based on flight distance. Short, Medium, or Long flights earn 2,4,6, points, respectively. If you book the flight on the points are doubled. Example: JFK-SDQ round trip is 24 points (6...
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    Unbelievable deals on Orbitz for DR flight/hotel packages

    I think it's for US customers only, but between now and 12/31/09, when you book on any flight/hotel combo in the DR (or any Caribbean destination for that matter) with at least 6 nights you get an instant coupon of $200 off the total price of the package. Plus there are deals with the...
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    Continental plane down outside Buffalo, NY. All killed!

    Our 2 1/2 year run without a fatal accident on a US commercial aircraft is unfortunately over. A Continental Express plane (operated by Colgan Air) from Newark crashed into a residence upon approach to Buffalo-Niagara International Airport. All the cable news channels are showing an absolutely...
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    Mrs Clintons Bombshell. Cuba opening up to US!

    Is this DR related? I think so, as it has the possibility to decimate the DR tourist industry. Mrs Clinton is having her confirmation hearing today in Washington. Fox News has just reported that a few minutes ago, she gave testimony that she along with the rest Obama administration,and the...