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    Clarification on Travel with Canada PR CARD

    Does this mean we can travel a Dominican with a Canadian PR card travel to Jamaica visa free? Or tourist visa on entry?? Visa Free with US & Canadian Permanent resident Cards/Sin Visa cuando tiene Tarjeta de Residencia de Estados Unidos O Canada (Countries with a ** a Valid...
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    I encourage everyone to call upon your MP

    I think I should share my story, as lately I am reading a lot about everyone trying to get answers. I first contacted my MP after 3 months of being approved as a sponsor and not getting any information from Haiti. My MP was able to to provide me with the B file # and that is was waiting to be...
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    News from Immigration Canada!

    Hi Everyone, just wanted to let you know my husband received an email today to schedule an apt for an interview They have requested at the same time..additional documentation of proof or relationship. I am gathering everything now to send to him. Hope everything goes well from here
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    Hi I have now received my husbands B file number...what website do i use to keep track of the application? It still says unavailable on the cic website, my husband got the number somehow thanks
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    Gaming License

    Just wondering what is the cost and process of obtaining a gaming license in the DR? Thank you
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    Approved as sponsor for a visa to Canada. What's next?

    Hi Everyone I have just been approved as a sponsor to have my husband come to Canada. I have read through many of the posting and realize this is nothing more than a waiting game at this point. I was hoping someone could explain to me what the next few steps will be so I do not get over...