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    Americans Divorcing Americans in the Dominican Republic.

    I have not been in this forum forum for a very long time, so please excuse me but I need your opinions. I have a friend who would like to divorce his wife. He would like to get this divorce in the Dominican Republic. What is the law for an American divorcing a American in the Dominican...
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    DR Project

    Members I have associates who are considering a move to the DR. What we are looking for is office space for rent. Must be able to hold about 25 people. Also, must be able to carry high speed internet service. Also, we will need info on housing for the managers who will be coming from the...
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    Flying From DR to Brazil

    Does anyone know of any direct flights from the DR to Brazil. I will be in the DR for a little while and I would love to get down to Brazil for a little vacation time. Any suggestion please. Thanks!
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    Travel From Cabrera to Higuey

    I just wanted to know if there is a way to get to Higuey from Cabrera without going through Santo Domingo by driving. I do have friends in Higuey and every once in a while I would like to drive down. I know going via Santo Domingo would be a long drive. Could someone suggest something...
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    Abreu - Cabarete

    I have heard that Cabarete and the Abreu area is like the Hamptons of the DR. But can someone tell what is the nightlife like there in those to towns/cities. Where are the clubs, I do understand that Sousa is much more active. But for me it will also be a trip I do not wish to make on a...
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    Inexpensive Rentals in Puerto Plata

    Yes we are coming to work in Puerto Plata in the beginning of August. We do have accommodations to live on the resorts were we will be working. But my associate will be bring his wife a little later. I was hoping that someone would have any information on good inexpensive apartment rentals...
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    Las Vegas to Puerto Plata

    I will be in Puerto Plata in mid - to late July. I was wondering who has the best price from Las Vegas to Puerto Plata.:confused:
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    :surprisedHello everyone, I do not remember if I asked this question before. But here it is again. Is there anything like a Walmart in Puerto Plata or surrounding area. I will be arriving in late July early August. And I just wanted to know if there are any convenience stores available.
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    Finally Made It!

    ;)After two years of trying I finally got my position in Puerto Plata. I will be working and relocating there next month. What I need is some good info on the nightlife, places to eat and somewhere to go to get some good music and a nice cold beer. I have been to the DR on several occasions...
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    Dental Work

    Hello everyone, Moving to Puerto Plata in about 3 months. I must have some dental work done. I heard it is less expensive in the DR, than here in the States. Could anyone recommend a good dentist who can do dental implants or snap-in dentures. My job is in sales so I need a good smile.
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    Jazz and a cold Brahma

    Hello everyone. I hope to be in Puerto Plata anywhere from next to 3 months to start working. I am wondering if there is a good Jazz club that serves cold Brahma, pretty woman were a person can just relax and enjoy himself, without to much hassle. If anyone has any suggestions. Please feel...
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    Moving to Puerto Plata

    Hello Everyone, I am moving to Puerto Plata in January or February of the new year. I have finally found some employment in the DR. And I would like to know where are the places to go. And the places to stay away from. I have been to the DR (Punta Cana and Higuey) before and I love the...
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    Looking for Timeshare Employment

    Hola, everyone. I am asking for the last time. Does anyone have any information on employment in the DR for timeshare sales agents. I have been inquiring about this for months now. And no one could give me a solid answer. I would love to relocate to the DR in the future, but I would...
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    The Best Strip Clubs in Higuey and Punta Cana

    Looking for the best strip clubs in Higuey and Punta Cana. I would just like to have a good drink and a view with my drink. Does anyone have any suggestions?;):bored:
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    The Best Strip Clubs in Higuey and Punta Cana

    I have an apartment in Higuey and I take a couple of days in Punta Cana resort area. I am looking for the best strip clubs in these area. I am new to the DR and sometimes I am just looking for a good drink and a pleasant view. Can anyone help me.;):bunny:
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    Timeshare positions in Punta Cana

    I am hoping to relocate to the Dominican Republic in the near future. I am a licensed Timeshare sales agent in Las Vegas. I would like to find a positon in the Punta Cana area. I have family in the Higuey area, and do not have a problem finding a place to stay in Higuey because I already have...