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    Medical Insurance

    I seem to recall someone advising that medical insurance be obtained in DR rather than in N.America. Does anyone know anything about this ?
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    Motor Vehicle Rental

    Thank you very much Ken, Jan,TonyC and Robert. I think I have decided to use public transport where somebody else does the driving. Your advice is well received. By the way Ken, it's not because I'm a poor driver, I used to race Formula and Modified Sports (Lotus) but it's TRAFFIC that I was...
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    Motor vehicle rental

    The CAR rental thing does appear to complicated. Past experience in the Caribbean supports this, as far as I am concerned. I mean complicated when considering the ancillaries like INSURANCE. I know you can get cars stuffed up your nose if you look like you have more money than sense. What...
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    One or two months stay in DR

    My travel agent advises I look into DR. I am researching possibility of a 6 or 8 week winter stay. Can anyone suggest an answer (No A1s please). Thank you.
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    2 months stay

    My travel agent suggested I look at the DR . I am requesting info as to the availability (and perhaps the advisability) of spending a couple of months there in winter. Not at an A1 resort, of course. [I don't speak spanish]. Can anyone advise ?