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    caips notes clarification? Re Immigration Canada

    HI got the notes but they refer to two forms and I am not sure which ones they are.....any help clarifying would be appreciated annexe 1 and imm 10-a??? thanks Moar
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    Aid of MP or lack there Immigration Canada

    I wish to share my experience and what I learnt today: I was lied to at my MP's office, basically the recieptionist who deals with Immmigration issues told me she had emailed Haiti on our behalf when she had not. So I thought of contacting the Mp himself and thought she would just stop my...
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    Freestyle Catamaran

    HI I need some info. and yes I emailed the company directly first and got NO reply: I know the catamarans go close to the beach in Sosua but where do they board and let the tourists off? I think it is a beach near Puerto Plata but I'm not sure Gracia Amigos
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    Photos for Immigration Canada

    Greetings/Hola I have a question for those you are or have submitted the papers to Immigration: with regard to photos? Did you just write names and info on the back or have the info on seperates sheets?? I would appreciate any helpful input from those who have...
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    Surname change

    Greetings new to the site, and I need some help: I am married to a Dominican and I am having problems changing my surname here in Canada. According to the regulations and policies here, registries wants to make me take both my husband's names, even though I know I should only have his Father's...