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    Crashing Safari Browser

    Not knowing where to report this I am placing it here in 'General Stuff'. For various reasons Safari is my browser of choice on my MacBook Pro, but every couple of days it crashes when I go to the DR1 page. It seems that there is some kind of 'exception' : Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS...
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    Driving report

    During my latest visit to the Republic I decided to rent a car, despite all the warnings about driving in this country. I first spent a few days in Santo Domingo before picking up a Nissan Tiida from Avis near the Hilton Hotel on the Malecon. The first drive out of the city was without incident...
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    "The UASD is the third largest university in the Americas, with 172,000 students, around 2,500 professors and more than 3,000 employees. The university offers degree courses in Science, Health Sciences, Economic and Social Sciences, Judicial and Political Sciences, Agriculture and Veterinarian...