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    ASD new schedule

    It appears that ASD will be operating only on sunday's to NYC starting May 1 does anybody know about this?
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    Asd Pulling Out Of N.y.c.

    Rumor has it that ASD is pulling out of the New York market due to the fact that they were bought out by another carrier. Can anyone elaborate on this if they have any info?
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    D.R. and cat 2*

    I perhaps have been one of the harshest critics of the local authorities when it comes to this subject, what i'd like to try is to obtain objective imput from the users of this forum and use it as an excersice to see if we come with some possible solution to the issue at hand. We may not gain...
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    Reviving Dominicana

    I have mentioned this past week about Dominicana being in the process of coming back by way of recertification and about certain meetings with the potential project manager. Well apparently the project is in full force and has the backing of the secretary of Tourism who has been trying to sell...
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    La Isabela to open no matter what!!!

    It has been confirmed that the new airport at La Isabela will be inagurated next month this besudes the fact that that there is a vary unfavorable report by the F.A.A. which states that operations into that airport given the present conditions(which have not changed) compromise the safety of any...
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    Aeromar Havana

    Can someone please confirm if it's true that Aeromar is no longer flying the HAVANA route as of this past week. And if so then that only leaves CUBANA on the route.
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    Aeromar Miami Ops.

    Can anyone inform as to the rumors that aeromar might be pulling out of Miami market before the years end, i heard this at CAB by no official means just as rumors.
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    Pan Am Dominicana

    Ca anyone confirm that Pan Am will soon start flying with Jetstreams 31 between sju-sdq. The aircraft belong to Boston Maine Airways a Pan Am subsidiary and the new airline will be called Pan Am Dominicana.