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    Fee for exportation of your pet

    We are returning to Canada with our pets shortly. I had my Vet over here today to write out the Certificado de Salud which you need at the airport. I was floored when he said it was RD$ 2500 per animal this year. Can anybody who has left here recently with pets confirm this? It's just another...
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    Need contractor for Stamped Concrete

    Our Condo is resurfacing the pool area to get rid of slippery tiles. We are looking at stamped concrete, but can't find a contractor in the Cabarete/Sosua/POP area. Anybody out there that could give us a contractor name?
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    "La Bruja" has a new microphone!

    My husband and I are snowbirds and reside in the DR for 4-5 months every year. Last year when we arrived, we encountered a new religeous congregation in a small barrio behind our condo in Cabarete. It was Hell! They imported an amplified system to preach and pray to about 10 to 15 people. I...
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    Cabarete Beach Erosion

    Has anybody walked the beach towards Punta Goleta and Kite Beach lately? I have been taking photos since the restoration and at the moment it looks to me as if we are back to square one where we started. The sand is completely washed away, the "fence" for the Punta Goleta development is...
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    Rabies vaccinations for pets

    I have been traveling with my pets back and forth from Canada to the DR for nearly 10 years now. Never a problem with the papers and documents. Here is my question: The Rabies vaccination which is administered in Canada is good for 3 years. Does anybody know, if this is accepted in the DR? I...
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    Why no concerts on the North Coast?

    It has been an absolute drought for concerts in the Puerto Plata/Sosua/Cabarete area. Last year all the promenent Bachata/ Merengue artist were performing during the "Winter" period and this year nothing. Is this another victim of the stupid curfew? Can anybody shed some light on this? Or are...