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    Sammy And His Corked Bat

    Why he needs to cork his bat is beyond me, and you know what the question is, how long has he been using one? If this bat hadn't broken, how long would he have gone on using it?
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    In Search Of Dominicans

    In light of these recent dominican "romance" stories, and yes there are plenty of them, it just makes me wonder that if we're so bad people, and we screw people over in relationships, why are people going to the country to meet one? If it's just for a good piece...ok I understand that, but then...
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    What Makes A Person Attractive To You?

    I'll respond later, but I'm just curious, what you like, physically... personality wise... etc.
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    Do Women Really Want A Nice/Good Guy?

    I thought I would try and start a better discussion than one that sympathizes with prostitutes and those that feel the need to justify their reasons for paying them for their services. Instead, I thought I would propose this question, do women really want nice/good guys? First off, let's make...
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    Aguilas Win La Serie Del Caribe
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    Did anyone else see the segment on Ultima Hora about Balaguer?

    Yesterday on Ultima Hora (Univision) they had a little piece on Balaguer, it was "interesting" they interviewed a few people outside of Clinica Abreu, most of them were crying and sad...interesting, I know a few people that rather have him alive and suffering than to see him die. Anyway, anyone...
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    Follow Up To Sammy Sosa Discussion...

    Check out this article from a sportswriter on ESPN who basically gives the impression that Sammy can't win, he's just a foreigner who will always come in second, he came in 2nd to McGwire's HR chase, and "2nd" in his argument with the sportswriter Reilly from SI...tell me what you think...
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    What about Vladimir Guerrero????

    All this talk about Sammy...yes Sammy is good, Vladimir Guerrero overall is a better hitter, better defensive player...Vladi is one of the best dominican players period. Its too bad he's on the Expos, so no one hears much of him, but he's one of the most exciting players to watch, some of the...
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    Change The Forum Setup

    Hi Rob, a lot of us are confused by the new setup, we also feel by changing the name of the forum from Open to total waste of blah blah, it will encourage others to do just that, post stuff thats a waste of time...we were in favor of adding a new part to the forum, but not changing the whole...