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    Getting To Cuba from DR

    Hey Forum, Anybody know any Airlines that fly to cuba from Dominican Republic? I am looking to fly to Cuba while I am in The DR. Any help is appreciated. And also cost of round trip airfare. Thanks
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    New Skim Ice Flavour

    Hey ex-pats, I hear there is a new Mango Skim Ice flavor. Has anyone tried it and how is it. I have tried all the other flavours but this one. Also are there any more new flavours besides the mango. I have always liked the Fresa and Chinola. Too bad they don't have them in Canada. ( I am sick...
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    Who will play in the finals?

    Lets take a guess who will it come down to in the Finals. I say.............. Dominican Republic Japan
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    My trip to Jarabacoa comes to an end after 13 Months

    On February 5th, 2005 I accepted a job with an Indiana based company to Jarabacoa. I arrived in Cibao Intrernational Airport in Santiago where I was picked up by the school driver. Arrived and was impressed witht he campus. It was located up a mountain near this area called Pinar Quemado. The...
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    Is there a new Tourist Card out?

    I seen these new computer generated small tourist card. Is this something new. Are the old ones still good? Any info on the new DR tourist cards?
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    Who flies to YYZ (Toronto-Pearson) now from POP

    I wanted to get back to Toronto next week. I called Signature and they have flights on Thursdays and Sundays for $310 us or $ 400 Cnd. Does anyone know who else provides air accomadation to toronto? Or possible phone number for Transat? Any help is appreciated and any other prices I know...
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    Break and Enter at Costambar

    This Sunday night while I was sleeping a thief broke into throught my livingrom window and escaped with 7 DVD's and My wallet containing $4,400 pesos cash. After thinking hard I called a Friend of my who is a Lieutenant at The NAtional Police. I told him what happened and Whom I thought was the...
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    Package and mail service

    I wanted to know if someone knows of some expited package service others than fed ex or ups. I know for the missionary's here they have MFI. They get their packages every other tuesday and it cost $150 US a month plus $1.25 per pound.
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    Puerto Plata Apartments

    Hey all, I wanted to know if anyone knows of any apartments available in puerto plata. Please let me know. I want it for January 5 or after. Thanks for your help.
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    Any camping sites in the south coast?

    I was intersted in camping out somewhere nice near the south coast. I am not trying to save money on hotel. I simply want to camp out for a day or two. Anyone know of good camping sites in the south coast of the DR please let me know. Any help is appreciated. Thanks all.
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    1-800 numbers

    I know it has been mentioned here many times but i cannot find any links for it. Can anyone help me with the conversion of the toll free numbers. Thanks
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    Customer Service in DR. Does it exsist? Tell your Story.

    I just wanted so say that almost all the DR bussines lack customer service. Last week I went to the Orange phone store to get my cell phone activated. The clerck took my phone and said it will be ready in 3 days because it had to be sent to their flagship store in santiago for activation. She...
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    What is the current going price for a small Passola these days.

    To all the members here who are living in DR. Does anybody know how much does a used Passola cost these days? also what is the cost of new ones?. I want to know the current prices and not how much they cost 3 months ago or last year. Current Please. Thank's all.
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    Anybody been whale watching in Samana recently?

    Just wanted to see if anybody was in Samana for the whale watching season. How was it? And if all the whales were out. Just wanted to hear people input and what they thought of it. Thanks.
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    Amazing air only seats from Canada to DR

    I just flew from canada to DR and payed $99.00 canadian for a round trip. I also seen fares from montreal to puerto plata, La romana and punta cana for $37.00 canadian round trip. The only down side is our taxes of $255.00. All canadian funds. This is the time to fly. I got it from...
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    Where to watch Super Bowl in Puerto Plata/Susua?

    Hi Football fans. I wanted to watch the super bowl in a bar in puerto plata/susua area. I am not staying in a resort. Wanted to know where I can watch The game on sunday. And if the north coast DR members are having a get together to watch the game at a bar let me know. Where is a good bar to...
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    Good ticket price for travel to Santiago from toronto with Continental Airlines

    I just booked a trip to Santiago. I will be flying out of toronto, stop over at newark and then heading to santiago. I just though that this will be a good example for canadian travellers flying out of toronto. I paid $235 us each way. with my return ticket being an open ticket. Check out...
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    For those who have been to Jarabacoa.

    I wanted to find out some general information about Jarabacoa. Stuff like things to do. I know it's a very quiet town, but are there any clubs or bars for young people to hang out. I am 24 years old. Is there a internet cafe?. Best places to hang out at night and in the afternoon. Any parks? and...
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    What is a good amount of $$ to live in DR monthly

    What would you say is a good amount of dollar to live in the DR each month. I am talking about a single person not a couple or family of 3, Just one person solo. Just decent living, not like luxury with maid and chauffer. Just normal day to day living. Thanks
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    Where are the DR1 members currently?

    Hello everybody, It' a new year. Some have moved, some are new and some are still at the same place. I will be moving to DR next week and wanted to get to know where all the members are situated. I currently reside in Toronto,ON and will make my new home Jarabacoa next week.