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    Importing my motorcycle

    Hey all... I am emotionally connected to my old Honda MC. I would like to put it in the container with all the rest of my crap when i move in Feb, but have no idea what the customs rules are regarding this. I have a good freight forwarder in FLa, but he could not tell me if the rules are...
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    Good Book Store?

    Hi all... Does anyone know of a good book store in Sto Domingo or Santiago with English/American books? Maybe a place to order books without going online? Thanks!
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    What does this mean?

    Sorry for my total ignorance of the DR1 rules and regs... What does Bronze, Silver, and Gold refer to in our profile?
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    Competent North Coast Business Atty?

    I have traveled to the DR on and off for fifteen years now, speak relatively good Spanish, and have never had a legal or social problem of any consequence. (knock on wood)... But I have never done any business of consequence, either. I am opening a business on the North Coast in a well...
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    Smellphone Confusion

    I have had an Orange prepaid phone for a long time now, but I am moving to the DR this winter permanently... What are the best deals on phones with texting, e-mail, etc to the US if I am going to use the phone often. I have two businesses and am on that sucker A LOT! I also have a vonage...