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    Bathing Children

    Hello All! I am travelling to the DR for Christmas with my year-old daughter and I was hoping that someone could tell me what to add to the bath water to make it safe to bath her. I know that I've read about a product called "Purisima" on another thread, but how much of the product to how much...
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    Canadian or US $$$$

    Hello All! I will be going to the DR this Saturday with my 6 month old daughter for a vacation and family reunion, of sorts. Willy will finally meet our daughter for the first time! Although I am very nervous about travelling with the baby, my excitement about this meeting far outweighs my...
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    Travelling to DR with baby???

    I have been reading some posts about travelling with children and the documentation needed to do so, and I am about to hit panic mode! After living in the DR for two years, I will be returning in May/June for vacation with my daughter (who will be six months old then and meeting her daddy for...
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    Problems calling the DR??

    Hello Again DR1! I was just wondering if anyone else is having HUGE problems calling the DR from Southern Ontario. It seems every time I dial the phone "all circuits are busy", or I get a speedy busy signal or a funny pulse sound. I actually get through about once in 50 tries! It is...
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    Tourist Card

    Just a quick question guys! Is the tourist card that you buy at the airport still $10.00 US? I just want to make sure I have the correct amount of American funds upon arrival next week!!!! Can't wait to return..... Becky
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    Arriving in Santo Domingo

    Hello! I will be flying into Santo Domingo on Wednesday, August 20th which (I believe) is the day that the Pan Am games end. I was just wondering how crazy things will be at the airport, and whether I should plan on any significant delays because I have arranged for a ride to pick me up. Any...
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    Passport for Residency??

    Hello again! I was wondering if someone could answer a quick question for me regarding applying for my residency in the Dominican Republic. Because I am a Canadian citizen I only need my birth certificate and photo ID to enter the DR, but I read somewhere that I need two copies of my passport...
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    Applying for Residency

    Hello! I was just wondering what documents I would need to bring from Canada to apply for my Dominican residency. My boss has said that she will talk to her lawyers about getting the papers but is unsure of what documents I will need. Rather than wait for a reply from her and/or the lawyer, I...
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    Home for a Visit - But Returning!

    Hello All! It's been awhile since I have contributed to any forum so I thought that it was time that I shared my story of my first year in the Dominican Republic... Sitting here in Canada and looking back on the past year I really can't believe how fast it went! I have realized since...
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    Need Info About Juan Dolio

    I was wondering if someone could tell me what all-inclusive resorts in Juan Dolio are within walking distance to Villas del Mar International School. I am considering Allegro Playa Real and Don Juan Beach Resort, but need to know how far they are from the school. Please respond ASAP, as I need...
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    Buying a cell phone

    Hello! I was wondering if someone could tell me the best place to purchase a cell phone in the Juan Dolio area. I am under the assumption that it is cheapest to purchase a phone and plan rather then purchase pay as you go cards. Is this true? How much money should I expect to spend? Also...
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    Banking in Juan Dolio

    Hello all! I am wondering how the banking situation is in Juan Dolio. I am moving there in August to teach, and banking is the last loose end that I need to tie up before I go. I have a student loan in Ontario that I need to make payments on, and so far I have not been able to find any...
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    How do I chat?

    This might sound like a really stupid question, but I can't figure out how to chat on this site. I click the little chat box and get only a blank screen. Is there some secret that only the gold members know? Please help me, I would really love to join a chat! Thanks a bunch!
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    Moving to the Dominican Republic

    Hello All! I am new to this, so please be kind. I just have a few questions that I need answered and think that this is the best place to start! I am moving to the Dominican Republic (Juan Dolio) in August to teach (at an English speaking school), and need some advice on what things that I...