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    Money Exchange at Dajabon / Ouanaminthe

    Hi all, I'll be taking the Caribe Tours bus shortly from SD to Cap Haitien, and I'll need to exchange some money at the border. I'm not quite sure when exactly the bus stops (at Dajabon? Ouanaminthe? Both?), but on what side of the border do you get better rates for purchasing gourdes? I'll...
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    Auto Repair for Clear Coat Scratch

    Hi all - Does anyone know of a decent place in Santo Domingo where they can polish/buff/whatever away some scratches in the clear coat of my car that branches made while I was driving along the road in Valle Nuevo? Preferably a place that is open on Sunday and that can do the job on the spot.
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    Larimar Mines

    Worth visiting? If so, does anybody know the market rates for what larimar should go for?
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    Bahia de las Aguilas w/ 2WD?

    Hello all, I was planning on getting a 4WD vehicle, but the car rental company messed up and I am stuck with a 2WD SUV instead. Can anybody tell me if the Bahia de las Aguilas road to the beach is navegable with a 2WD SUV?
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    Carretera Constanza - Sabana Larga

    Hello, Can anyone tell me the current state of the road between these two towns? Manageable with 4WD?
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    Carretera Constanza - Guayabal

    Hello, Can anyone provide me with recent reports on how this stretch of road is? We will be travelling from Jarabacoa to Enriquillo, and I thought about using the Constanza/La Siembra (Guayabal)/Padre Las Casas route because it will likely be more scenic than the highways. We will have a jeep...
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    Tourist Card Extension (I Got It, but Have a Question)

    So I just came back from Migraciones on the Malecon and captured the unicorn of the DR: the tourist card extension. Unfortunately, they messed up my entrance date on the extension document and so I will have to return in a day or so while they redo the document. For those that need it, it's...
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    Best Mangu in Punta Cana

    Hello, Can any give us recommendations on any restuarants that serve mangu in the Punta Cana area? For dinner, preferably Thanks!
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    Speed Traps between SD / Samana and SD / Punta Cana

    Hello, Does anybody know off the top of their heads where the speed traps usually are between SD and Samana (using Highways 7 and 5) as well as between SD and Punta Cana (using Highways 4 and 3)?
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    Beaches in Jaragua

    Hello, Does anybody know if it is possible to hire fishermen or someone else with a small boat to gain access to the beaches in Jaragua for daytrips, potentially including Isla Beata? We are going to Bahia de las Aguilas, but we'd like to explore other beaches in the park, as well.
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    Casa de Conductor for Rentals

    Can anybody explain under which of the rental car insurance add-ons CdC falls? For example, generally you have CDW, LWD, SLI (danos a terceros), etc. Is it included within the latter (SLI)? Or is it some category all to itself? If the latter, are you forced to purchase something like CDW in...
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    Full Rent-A-Car

    Has anyone had any experience using this agency?
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    Diving Operators

    Are there any dive operators at all in the southwest? I've heard the sites are supposed to be spectactular, but I've only read about people bringing their own gear (including tanks!).
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    Vintage Posters in Santo Domingo

    Hello, Does anyone know where vintage posters are sold in the city? I will eventually check the mercado de pulgas, but I am hoping I will find what I'm looking for closer to the city center: basically, political or cultural posters (even stuff put out by the Tourism Ministry) as well as vintage...
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    Extension (Prorroga) of Tourist Card in SD

    Hello, Has anyone managed to successfully extend their tourist card at Migracion in SD? I have read through the majority of threads on the issue, but all I see are people posting requirements for the process as opposed to their actual experiences doing it. My situation: I plan on going to SD...