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    Samsung Stove Repair

    Our house in it's entirety is grounded from the outside. I had to order the switch membrane that is glued to the control panel. It is working better than ever.
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    Samsung Stove Repair

    Tried this and if it wasn't purchased in a Latino country or here, they will not repair it.
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    Samsung Stove Repair

    I wanted to let the forum know that I contacted Joteca in Sosua, across from the Caribe station, and they have completed the repairs on my stove. I am thrilled. It works better than new. I had to order a part from the U.S.. When I contacted Samsung for the part, they had none and they...
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    Samsung Stove Repair

    OK we tried the plug-unplug no go. Tried the circuit breaker - no go! We are getting so desparate we may even try to replace the panel our selves.
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    Samsung Stove Repair

    It is the correct panel but neither my husband or I are even familiar with the innards of the board. We are going to try the on off today and will let you know.
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    Samsung Stove Repair

    Done that. That's how I ordered the parts from the U.S.
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    Samsung Stove Repair

    I am not sure what or how you are explaining off and on. Do you plug and unplug? Also the oven won't light without first turning on a stove top element. Once lit it will go up to the degree selected but then it immediately stops retaining that temperature. I am getting really frustrated by...
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    Samsung Stove Repair

    I have a fairly new Samsung Gas stove that the oven is not working at all but the top elements are fine. I was told it is probably the control panel that is the problem. I ordered the part from the U.S. and have it here but I can't find anyone to install it. As it stands I cannot use the oven...
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    Registered Survey Corrections

    Just one question about a registered deslinde survey but not accepted by client. Any insights or rules would be welcome. A survey for our deslinde was performed and registered. Unfortunately the survey shows different boundaries than the original survey. Can this new registered survey be...
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    Can you live stream Canadian channels in the D.R.?

    I wanted to try live streaming, via our computer, when we get down there again in January. Particularly hockey broadcast on CBC. There are other programmes we are interested in as well. I understand that I would need a good & fast internet connection but has anyone else tried this? I really...
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    Proposal for Increased Tourism on the North Coast by Mario Garcia

    Here is the article in Spanish: PUERTO PLATA DESTINO TURISTICO – Mario Garcia | Cabarete noticias Here is the somewhat inadequate translation (but you get the gist): Puerto Plata Mario Garcia In the book written by Bolivar Troncoso entitled "MODEL OF SUSTAINABLE TOURISM", this points out...
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    Anybody see the fire in Cabarete last night? Here's the scoop . . . .

    I have received several reports of the fire in Cabarete last night. The local e-news from Cabarete is here: fuego en la laguna de Cabarete el primero de julio 2013 | Cabarete noticias with video. Here is the translation: Fire in the lagoon of Cabarete the first of July 2013 July 2, 2013 |...
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    Clarity in the Canoa case - another voice in the fray?

    New input from a member of the Chamber of Accounts: JUAN PABLO DUARTE: EL PODER MUNICIPAL Y LA EJECUCION PRESUPUESTARIA | Cabarete noticias Translated: JUAN PABLO DUARTE: MUNICIPAL POWER AND BUDGET EXECUTION June 27, 2013 | Filed under: News | Posted by: caba8255 Alfedro-cross-300x295...
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    Do you care about Developers breaking the laws in Cabarete?

    Seems they don't! Inversionistas y ambientalistas enfrentados en Cabarete por Leonardo Medrano – Hoteles en hoteles | Cabarete noticias Here is the Google translation: Investors and environmentalists faced in Cabarete by Leonardo Medrano - Hotels hotels June 26, 2013 | Filed under: News |...
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    Not just Canoa! The majority of the gang got into it! - part 5

    Most recent release of report (audit) by The Chamber of Accounts of the Republic (CCRD) on this mess of dishonesty: Los reformistas se “alzaron” con RD$220 millones del pueblo de Cabarete – Julian Herrera – | Cabarete noticias Here is the somewhat inadequate translation (sorry)...
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    Canoa Court Battle - part 4!

    Here is the latest update on the ongoing Canoa mess! CANOA, EL VERDUGO DE CABARETE por Manuel Perez – Resumen Turismo | Cabarete noticias And the translation (as meager as it is): " CANOE BY CORRUPTION HAS 3 COMPLAINTS ALSO BY FAKE BOOK OF CITY COUNCIL MINUTES OF A TAXI DRIVER for shooting...
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    Cabarete - further on the Canoa Court Case!!! part 4

    More on this precedent setting case: Someten por s?ptima vez a Canoa por estafa | Cabarete noticias and the Google translation (as bad as it is): Subject for the seventh time to Canoa for fraud. "By violating Article 405 of the Criminal Code to sell a plot that was not his property. CICOM...
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    Cabarete & Its Doings - part 2

    Another edition of what is or isn't happening in Cabarete! How convoluted can this get? LEY 305 DEL 20 DE MAYO DE 1968 Y LEY 64-00 DEL 18 DE AGOSTO DEL A?O 2000 – H?ctor M. L?pez, ecologista | Cabarete noticias Here is the feeble translation and a separate link to the picture: " 305 ACT OF...
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    Cabarete & it's doings! (It just never ends!)

    New posting from a reserved gent to shed some light on the workings of Cabarete's governance. Here is the link: Inversionistas siguen burlando de los reglamentos del Plan del Ordenamiento Territorial de Cabarete | Cabarete noticias Here is the mere Google translation (as bad as it is)...
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    Cabarete, again!

    Otro caso de violacion de las normas y ese edificio esta en construccion The Reef, localizado en la playa de Cabarete, fue construido hace 2 anos con 3 pisos y en las normas con el decreto viejo que le daba 3 pisos. Ahora mismo, hace varias semanas, el due?o del edificio, un ciudadano suizo...