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    photos - is this how it works with flickr

    does it re-size automatically
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    this made me laugh no idea why !

    Devmir - Socks With a Purpose
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    tubagua- has it reopened

    has this place re-opened or am i looking at a really old advert Tubagua Plantation Village Retreat
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    pool supplies-sosua/cabarete

    anyone any idea on the best place for pool supplies on price (tablets and chlorine powder ect) it seems to vary widely from week to week in the one i use, is this normal - i tried writing down to compare the same tub of powder week one rd 750 week two rd 1350 does it vary that much-but...
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    restaurants in Sosua

    has anyone been to the hungarian place next door to passions- whats it like on prices and food ,any feedback
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    gaspar hernandez road

    does anyone know the condition of the mountain road from gaspar hernandez via blanco arriba - is it similar to the moca road or worse...ive heard the views are better this way and was wanting to try it - >
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    candle in the wind

    I'm looking for heart-warming stories where people received help from an unexpected source or just something warm and fluffy that made you happy