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    Building a Home usd100k or Less

    I built my house in the village myself. I made the plans, 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room a toilet and a garage 150M2 all in cement. I bought the cement, metal bar, sand and blocks. Then I hired 4 experienced workers. It is built like a bunker. For doors and windows I took the best contract...
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    Would $1600 a month allow 1 person to live comfortably in the DR ?

    The butcher kills 2 cows in the village every Saturday. On each animal there is a filet of 6 to 10 pounds. I buy a filet at US$3 a pound. I put it all through an electric chopper at home. Then I make portions of hamburger that I place in the freezer
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    Helicopters all over today

    These could be returnees from Port-aux-Princes who are going to POP for a flight abroad ?
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    Would $1600 a month allow 1 person to live comfortably in the DR ?

    I live on $1600 a month. 2 adults and 2 children, in a small village in the center of the country surrounded by cocoa, plantain, jungle and rice fields. I have my furnished cement house, my car and my scooter. We eat Dominican. Electricity US$100 with 2 AC. Propane gas $28 US for cooking, $20...
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    Students again intoxicated in San Francisco de Macoris

    Everybody use GRAMASON ( gramoxone) to kill grass unsted of using a lawn mower.
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    Cost of University in the DR

    UASD is free in SFM. If you have a 4 years program it may take 5 years to do it due to regular teachers strike. You may also study on line for a big part of it.
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    Adavan or Lorazapan Availabilty

    Not all those doctors can prescribe it. Some have a special license to do so.
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    Starlink Arrived in the DR

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    Starlink Arrived in the DR

    Any adresses Bred you could mention , i need one set for my house in the country side in Duarte.
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    My cholesterol increased 30% in the DR

    In the country side the worst food i have seen Chicharon. They love it. People love it and they have no limit , ron to digest !
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    Inversor batteries

    I am always carefull with batteries, i check them often and use normal 5 gallons drinking water treated with UV filter.
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    Inversor batteries

    I was may be a lucky guy
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    Inversor batteries

    A long time ago in Sosua the first time I bought 8 red trojan batteries for my 5500watt inverter. The batteries have lasted more than 6 years. Then I bought 8 more at Sirena. I kept them for more than 6 years too. Then as the Trojan 105s became more expensive, I bought INTERSTATE made in the...
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    Crazy Lines at Immigration in PUJ

    Just get a friend to pick you up from AZS everything fast and without the people jungle.
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    Crazy Lines at Immigration in PUJ

    The best for me AZS a smooth and relaxe place to land and depart
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    Canada announces vaccine mandate for air travel

    In Quebec thoses vaccins are accepted : Pfizer-BioNTech Moderna AstraZeneca Johnson & Johnson Covishield, Verity Pharmaceuticals SII Abdala ( CIGB - 66 ) Center for genetic Engineering and Biotechnology BBIBP-CORV, Sinopharm-Bioteck ( Beijing ) CONVIDECIA ( AD5-NCOV ) CanSino Biological Inc...
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    Costs for getting a well?

    In the country side in Duarte close to SFM it is 300 pesos per feet . It is done by hand, 4 workers. They used a 20 feet steel tube. They add fews more until water comes. Mine was 60 feet x 300 = 18.000 pesos + submersible 1HP pump 10.000 pesos + 5.000 pesos for tubes and wiring. Total 33.000...
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    Shame on you Playero!!!

    The best place to buy veggies and fruities mercado central in POP.
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    Covid-19 Vaccination Sites , What, When & Where

    All this week Centro medico Dr. Orvalle calle San francisco #80 in the new building main floor in San Francisco de Macoris 809-588 2596 giving sanova cov19 shots (Chinese). First class service in and out ( with 30 minutes stand by for vaccin reaction ) 1 st shot and second whatever you need...
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    Colchicine and COVID

    One 1mg. pills for 31 pesos in SFM