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    Dominican Republic as a model of economic success.

    I agree. It is a vicious cycle. Companies don't invest in technology and automation because of their reliance on cheap illegal labor. Therefore they don't grow to the level they should and are not able to pay the competitive wages that a middle income country citizen needs. Despite all that...
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    Do you think pest control is a good business to open? Maybe one that specializes in Mosquitoes and Termites? Does anyone here pay for this service?
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    Building a Home usd100k or Less

    Those numbers sound right. I know someone who paid 42,000 DOP per m2.
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    What Are The Best Business Ventures To Start In The Dominican Republic In 2024?

    I think that Nearshoring will be big in the next couple of years. A business that can help companies from the United States make the transition from Asia to Dominican Republic should do good. Even a business that just helps with the legal stuff should be in demand. A (staffing agency)...