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    US Embassy Warns About Demonstrations

    Well, at least every election year they get offered a chicken and a bag of rice for their vote. There's that.
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    US Embassy Warns About Demonstrations

    Well, I know in the states it's bad, but my salary does go up each year. At least there's that. Plantain are currently cheaper here than there in the DR, where they're grown. Does THAT happen in every country? And don't get me started on the coffee. I remember when the gov made the agreement...
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    US Embassy Warns About Demonstrations

    Prices rise and rise....everyday working salaries stay the same....the rich, and government, get richer......been that way since I first arrived in 2002.
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    Advice for first trip to Damajagua

    Looking for more personal experience/advise.
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    Advice for first trip to Damajagua

    We're planning a trip from Rio San Juan to the falls in Damajagua and need input on the excursion. We'll be taking our own vehicle but I was curious about what is needed once we get to Damajagua. Also any advise for things to see along the way. Is there a "best time" to arrive, how long does it...
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    Rio San Juan/General Transportation Service - Question

    Thanks to everyone for your contributions. Lots to consider.
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    Rio San Juan/General Transportation Service - Question

    I am currently living state side with my Dominican wife, from Rio San Juan. She has decided to go into business with her brother on a very small, one vehicle for now, transportation service. He has obtained all the proper licensing and has bought a nice 8 passenger Toyota Sienna. Now generally...
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    Sailboat Friendly Places

    You are spot on. I only have to take a bit of exception with your Luperon comment (don't care what happens to your boat). I lived there for several years on and off my sailboat and, even though there were the rare boat break-ins, I found life there mostly safe, relaxing and enjoyable. The other...
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    Best place/price for quick turn around covid testing

    Thanks, made an appt for tomorrow at the referencia lab in Nagua for the same price.
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    Best place/price for quick turn around covid testing

    Yep...they get you one way or another. Looking here in Rio San Juan again.
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    Los Gringos, now Playa de los piratas

    I worked with Patrick for several years at Los Gringos (Steve) but was back in the states when he had his accident. I missed a visit while it was being managed by Michelle under the name Los Pirates, but was able to finally get back for a visit after years. I was happy to see that it had not...
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    Best place/price for quick turn around covid testing

    Yep, found out can get a rapid test for $12 at the airport that the US accepts. Thanks.
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    Best place/price for quick turn around covid testing

    Need to go back to the US and they require a negative covid test 3 days prior to traveling back. Anyone have any info on the best place to get the test and have results provided within 3 days? I'm closet to Puerto Plata, in Rio San Juan. Thanks
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    Santiago hotel/airport recommendation

    Hi all, Looking for recommendations of a decent clean hotel that would be easy to get to the airport from in the morning. Nothing elaborate, just a simple Dominican hotel for the night, something in the $50 dollar range. The $165 Hodelpa Garden Court is a bit out of my range. Thanks
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    Is there a formula used to calculate child support

    Does anyone know if there a particular formula that is used to calculate the amount of monthly child support payments required by the courts? I know in the U.S. there's is one specific to your earnings (maybe by state?) but have never heard of similar in the DR. You usually just hear...
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    Bank Screwing

    My wife has a debit card and for over a year now every month she has been going to the local bank and pulling out $500 U.S. at a time. Well, the bank has now decided to limit the withdrawal to 9,000 pesos max and charge 250 pesos per withdrawal. Is this now standard practice? Hopefully she and...
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    Dominican Passport Notarized with Apostille

    I'm needing a notarized copy of my wife's Dominican Passport with an Apostille. Has anyone had to obtain an Apostille here? What was the process? Where did you go? Thanks SL
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    Europcar Shafting - Rental Car Story

    Well, just another one of them "got screwed" DR stories I just had to share. I flew into Santiago late one evening with my 70+ year old mother a few months ago. We had a car reserved at Budget months in advance but when I get there the guy at the Europcar counter told me the Budget car guy told...
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    Cell Phone Question - bringing in from the US

    I'm curious about something. If I buy say a blackberry that was for T-Mobil in the US, or say any brand that was specifically tied to a specific type service, are they all able to be "unlocked" once they are in the DR? Anyone with experience in this area? SL
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    Exotic Fruits and Vegetables

    Are there any members connected with the growing of exotic fruits and vegetable here on the island. Things such as Chinese eggplant, bitter melon, rambutan, jacfruit, etc.... We are looking for local seed suppliers. SDL