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    Visa to the UK

    The British embassy will no longer accept applications in SD and the applicant can do all which is required online. Establecen nuevo proceso para solicitud visa Reino Unido Janin
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    German Foodstuff in Las Terrenas

    I have just seen the thread about German food in Sos?a and it may be of interest that a selection of those articles is also on sale in Las Terrenas. I am happy to give details via PM. Janin
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    Bringing Pesos Into The Country

    How much money in DR$ is one allowed to bring into the country without declaring it? Janin
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    No Small Change

    So your 'compras' amount to 276.34 DR$? Forget about the 66 Centavos small change, small coins have disappeared. And with the sweets being expensive, too, you won't even get 'chiclets' or 'mentas'.... :ermm: But Eddy is still fighting.... Mantiene lucha tenaz porque se respete el valor de los...
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    What are 'palometas' as used in this article: Roban en el aeropuerto de Barahona I could only think of those forklike tops on fence poles which hold barbed wire... :confused: Janin
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    Satellite Dishes

    I understand that there are locally made 'parabolas' (criollas) and imported ones. Although the local stuff (6 ft) does work one could probably use a smaller size (maybe 4 ft) of the more accurate makes 'de fuera'. What do you recommend? I'd appreciate offers from sellers or any tips where to...
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    American Lady Kidnapped? Well, maybe Andy knows more.... Janin
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    Harmless Bikers?

    Remember our discussion whether the local motorcyclists called the 'Hell's Angels' are innocent like choir boys or a criminal organisation? Food for (new) thought is found here...
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    Strange Message

    "Habueritos etiame dell epicor um aqua edame adei seaedemi epie picorum alas quaei adella de habuerit etiame. Habuee nim ares sepipo eias ue te mars awese aqua edame saetiame sdell epic orum quae easer arese enime sepiepicorum alas quaei adel Renim ares sepipoeias poa ahabeta insute...