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    Using Bavaro Express bus to Punta Cana and which resort complex?

    My husband and I have reservations at Barcel Dominican Beach (located in El Cortecito) for next week and when I went to check the prices I see they've dropped by $30 per night/per room so I was thinking of either staying there or looking at going to the Barcelo complex and booking at one of the...
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    Hotel near SDQ

    I'm reposting because I wasn't specific enough in my last post and I'm a bit distracted today... I was hoping to stay at least one to two nights in a hotel relatively close to the airport next week that is AI, any suggestions and warnings? It looks like Costal Caribe is booked or not taking...
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    Hotel near airport...

    I was hoping to stay at least one night in a hotel relatively close to the airport next week that is AI, any suggestions and warnings? It looks like Costal Caribe is booked or not taking reservation any idea if it's under construction? Thanks, K
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    Looking for notario publico

    I need to get a couple papers signed and notorized can anyone list a couple of publc notaries in and around santo domingo or out by alma rosa area? Also any clue how much to notorize papers? Thanks Kalima
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    Visitor visa for husband's 13 year old sister, advice?

    My husband is a US resident and I (his wife) am a US citizen. I would like to see if his little sister could come visit and stay with us for a summer. Anyone know if that is even possible will the US cosulate give a 13 year old a visitors visa? What "proof of ties to the home country" could...
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    Any Dominicans in Manassas Virginia

    My Dominican husband and I are moving out there end of this month....estamos loco por conocer otro dominicanos!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Need info on shipping a used computer

    My office has upgraded their computer and are letting the staff "shop" the old ones, we would like to send one to my husband's siblings in Santo Domingo, and we would like to know the safest means of shipping it so it doesn't get broken. I searched the archives and didn't find...
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    Attempted Kidnapping

    Two days ago my husband's nephew was almost kidnapped from inside the family store in near the Charles de Guelle Mega Centro. His grandmother had a hold of him and was fighting off the kidnappers. This happened around noon. While one guy was trying to grab the kid another was waiting outside...
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    Register to vote in DC

    We would like to know if anyone has more information on where one can go to register to vote for 2004 in the DC area. From the DR1 news I understand it was today and next Saturday, but we would like more information such as location, and what needs to be presented, cedula, passport, etc...
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    Looking for on-line store with Dominican products

    I am specifically trying to find some sazones such as Maggi's Sazon Completo and Ranchero caldo de pollo sopita (the one that come is small packets). I have searched the web for on-line bodegas or stores but there is nothing out there. Oh and I am looking for a Domino Table. Any suggestions...
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    My husband and I were walking yesterday (here in Virginia) and came across the most adorable Pug dog. We started thinking that it would be a great surprise to perhaps give his sibiling a cute puppy or younger dog when we visit later this year. So my question is: Can you buy Pugs in the DR...
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    One Day Sale today on Continental!!

    If you book today you can travel from August 15th through Dec 12. Sample fares include New Jersey to SDQ $128 each way, RT including taxes comes out to be $350. Look here: Continental Special Today only
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    Geo Caching

    Heard an interesting piece about this "Sport" or pass time on NPR yesterday and thought I would check out to see if there are caches in the DR... and there are! Geocashing - basically a worldwide game of hide and seek using your GPS... Geocaching Look for DR under countries in the right hand...
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    Looking for a florist in Azua or Sto. Dom. for a funeral

    Unfortunately my mother-in-law died of a sudden heart attack on sunday at the age of 42. My now husband who had only been in the states less than a month is back in his village. I will join him there next week for the Reso but my family would like to send flowers or something appropriate to...
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    Codetel biggest rip off

    While I was in the DR two weeks ago, I bought a $100 RD communicard from a vending machine in the Mulitcentro Churchill. I used the card once and spent about 40 pesos, then I took off to the campo for five days then off to the beach for another two. At the beach I used the card once then I...
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    Occidental Gran Bahia - Samana

    Has anyone heard good or bad about the Gran Bahia recently? I did a search and read past comments. I am thinking of taking my fiance there for a few days next week? If people have other suggestions I'm open to them. I am not looking to spend a lot of money. I'm not looking for an...
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    Sports illistated article with Sammy Sosa about steriod use Great interview with Sammy Sosa about the use of steriods amougst baseball player....... too long to post but still worth a look. It'll make you laugh!
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    Great deal on

    I just purchased a roundtrip from Washington, DC to SDQ for Aug/Sept for a grand total of $359.90 including all taxes and surcharges.... of course it's on American... I said I would never fly them again but money talks! Better get them while their hot!!!! I think this deal end tomorrow or shall...
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    The whereabouts of Colon...

    MADRID, Spain -- DNA technology could be used to settle a 500-year-old mystery -- where is Christopher Columbus buried? Authorities in Seville, Spain, and Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic, both claim to be watching over the remains of the famed explorer. In a bid to settle the issue...
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    Wesite for Jewlery Stores in DR

    I am looking for any website that is related to jewlery, specifically gold. My fiance and I would like to purchase our wedding rings in the DR in 18K and I am trying to find information on stores that sell them and so far I have found nothing. There are tons of jewlery shops in Santo Domingo...