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    Mailing a box of cigars to the US

    That's crazy. They must buy in bulk. Do you know if it's possible though? It's for a business venture.
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    Mailing a box of cigars to the US

    Hi guys, Does anyone know if it's legal to just ship a box of cigars to the US or if some sort of paperwork/permit is required? Thanks!
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    Different Couriers / Forwarding Companies

    I'll let them know.
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    Different Couriers / Forwarding Companies

    I said it in another thread and someone pointed me to this one, theres a site called that has all the data about the couriers in the DR, not just la capital and they are always adding more couriers. They also recently released a mobile app. Because the nature of my work I use it all...
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    Different Couriers / Forwarding Companies

    I'm pretty sure BPS has some offices in China.
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    Ordering Stuff From Amazon

    There's a website that has the info of the most popular courier companies, their prices and other info all updated. Check it out
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    What are the biggest cultural differences since you guys moved here?

    I just wanted to ask you gringos that. Also what do you like most/less about living here? I have a few ideas, but I don't want just ideas.
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    Rock and other non-traditional music events

    Just to let know know about some inside sites where you can read about upcoming concerts and other music related events that go on in Santo Domingo. Colectivo cero Rock, funk, reggae events, metal, punk events. Cinema cafe Cinema cafe is a little cafe in the middle of the plaza de la cultura...
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    Just saying hi to the site

    Hello, I'm 100% Dominican 23yo, born and raised here. I speak and write english fluently, I've been to the US a couple of times and maybe I'll be moving there after I finish college next year. Right now I'm almost graduating in IT and I'm working as a web developer and have worked in a few call...