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    line ups at Claro in POP

    I went by Claro in POP the other day to get a new sim card. The line up at 9:30 was out the door and looked insane. Frustrating, as since I suspended my phone number when I lost the sim card, I can only get a new one at the main office in POP. Does anyone have recommendations for a time when...
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    Sosua Police/Noise Hotline

    That's a hot one. If they already suspect you, your best option might be to move.
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    The W Cabarete

    The project in La Boca is a Ritz Carlton
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    The W Cabarete

    The Ritz project seems to be moving forward so it's not derailing everything.
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    The W Cabarete

    Probably more than 10 years ago, but if I remember correctly, I don't think the town or trash or the water was very different. They did build a massive beach back then though, so that part is different. Point is, it is possible for it to be a success. My question is will Corona derail that?
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    The W Cabarete

    Was it any different when Ocean Dream projects were built?
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    The W Cabarete

    From the website it looks like a great property I wonder if it's still a go after corona?
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    Air Canada has announced flights as of early July. Limited to once/week from Montreal to PUJ. POP they announced once/week from Montreal starting Sept.
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    True as that may be, people up north are generally scared and have a mind set that it's safer at home. The economic impacts of this fear will be harder than people realize.
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    Westjet had previously announced that all international flights were cancelled until June 4th. They've also announced layoffs, and I would imagine that they will offer reduced flights when they do open up. At this point, I would imainge Samana airport flights from Canada won't be back until...
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    No one can confirm, the testing is minimal, the published numbers are questionable, and I'm not an expert nor would I pretend to be. But I'm with you, my thinking is that if it's there (that's confirmed) and social distancing is minimal at best, then it must be ripping through. Things I'm...
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    You don't think it's already ripping through?
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    Until a vaccine is found, if allowed to travel, many governments will likely maintain "self quarantine" for tourists upon return- so that itself is likely to deter a good percentage of would be vacationers.
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    home break in

    After 15 years living here, I finally got robbed. They broke into my house, went through everything, took my computer. Fortunately I was not home so their frustration in not finding anything of value was not taken out on me. (the computer was a low end refurbished one, purchased for $175)...
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    Regulating AirBnB

    A friend was at a tourism meeting and apparently there is talk of regulating AirBnB. I know the AirBnB owners are going to be all up in arms and go off because they have had a free for all for so long that they think it's the norm - but it may level the playing field somewhat with the hotels...
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    Citizenship Oath Ceremony

    I made the mistake of taking the milk run bus back to the NC so I thought I would write out the naturalization ceremony for anyone who's taking it in the future. After you clear the Interpol hurtle and the presidential decree, you're approved for naturalization (citizenship). You book a time...
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    POP airport and the conspiracy

    It's no secret that Cabarete's (and the north coast) tourism is not what it once was. Over the last decade there's been a string of theories as to why. The latest one that I'm hearing from business owners is that POP airport is the most expensive airport in the DR, which is why the airlines...
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    naturalization ceremony

    Has anyone attended the naturalization ceremony recently? What should I expect? Standard dress code - or do I need a jacket and tie? Thanks in advance, going at the end of February if anyone else it. Looking forward to it, it's been a lot time coming.
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    Camping Playa Fronton

    Was thinking about camping at Playa Fronton. From reading posts and blogs online, it's a great place to see the sun rise. Can anyone recommend a guide to hike in ? Thanks in advance!
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    Ferry from Samana to Sabana de la Mar

    Does anyone know if 'el bote' is operational?\ Thanks in advance