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    Good-bye Santo Domingo, hello?

    So after much thought we have decided to move out of the Capital (El Millon). It just got overwhelming with the traffic, trying to get here and there, etc. I enjoyed all the years we spent in Santo Domingo, but now I need a more peaceful lifestyle ( if that can be Thought about...
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    Anyone know the name??

    A friend called today, said they saw the HGTV program House Hunters last night which was in Punta Cana. I guess the couple on the show picked the last complex shown to them, a penthouse (?). Unfortunately the program did not provide the name of the complexes shown as they do in other shows. Did...
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    MLB Player "Assualted"

    My son was telling us today that a MLB player was "assaulted" by Dican (?) a few days ago. Anyone heard about this?
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    B is for Bachata, Brugal and Barahona NO MEN TO POST

    Are we to B yet???? Maybe I can start..My favorite all time B is for Berenjena. Love it pretty much anyway it is cooked. I do a pretty decent lasagna with berenjena. Low in carbs rich in nutrients. I know there a few types so I am always on the lookout for different recipes. Sorry ladies if I...
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    Daughter/Son in-law family - Ladies only forum

    Wasn't sure what to call the thread. So I was watching 90 day fiancé (yes too much time on my There is a American girl married to a Dominican guy. Anyway her family went to meet his family in the DR. So his mother cooked a meal for her family. She made chicken feet, necks and...
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    legal situation of property/businesses of foreigners with irregular migratory status

    Question, and maybe the mods will decide it needs its own thread.. But if your illegal here in the DR and own property, business, what you own really yours? If your not legal, how legal are your assets? I know there are some out there that will say "nothing is yours in another country...
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    Bites or allergic reaction

    This past weekend I spent time in the campo (in-laws). The mosquitos love biting my feet so I always spray with Off/Deep Woods. I have no clue what happened but on Sunday night when I was changing I noticed on the inside of both ankles huge red rash like spots, hot to the touch, and now itching...
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    Not sure if some have seen this but a friend sent it to me... Life in Minnesota December 8: 6:00 PM. It started to snow. The first snow of the season and the wife and I took our cocktails and sat for hours by the window watching the huge soft flakes drift down from heaven. It looked like...
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    Watered down rum?

    My friends who just returned home after visiting for a week called me last night. They bought some Barcel? and Brugal Anejo to take home. They said they had some last night and they felt it tasted like it was watered down. It did not taste as strong or the same as the one I gave them while they...
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    Claiming Dominican Income

    This may have been covered but I need a bit of guidance. My spouses cousin who is a LPR status in the US is being audited by the IRS for unclaimed foreign income. He makes little in the US, maybe $2000-$3000 but he does have foreign income from the DR, Mexico and somewhere I forgot. He always...
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    Where to go to unlock iphone

    Help...Does anyone know where in the Capital we can go and get the Iphone 4S unlocked?? Thanks much
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    Is a Kindle Fire worth giving as a gift??

    I am thinking of bringing back one for my sister in-law but will it work here? I got a good deal on one and thought she might like it but if it really won't function well here then it may not be worth it.
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    Need approx cost on University

    I am looking for a approx amount it will cost for a semester or not sure if you have to pay it by year for the University Nordestana (?) in San Francisco Macoris. I am trying to help my nephew if I can (need to see cost). He wants to study Business Admin. He is going to register for the exam...
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    Anyone have a triple A surgery??

    Well I need to go back home. My father was recently in the hospital and they discovered via a CT Scan that he had a abdominal aneurysm about 6 cm (??). The surgeon is going to place a stent in the vein through the groin. Dad is 80 yrs old and well quite nervous to say the least. He has really...
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    Christmas Eve fun!!!!! Priceless

    Dinner: $ 6,500.00 pesos for the groceries. 3 bottles of red wine: $900.00 pesos. Gas to campo: $1,200.00 pesos. Brother in-law forgetting he invited 2 different " novias " to dinner: PRICELESS. And folks, this is what is called cheap, campo entertainment. Tops last year!!:laugh:
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    Holiday Traditions? Have any?

    It is Holiday time again!!! I have not been on this site ( reading it as an outsider didn't count) all that long but I am wondering what are your Christmas traditions. Did you bring any traditions from home? Is there something you do every year ( drinking not a tradition ok). For me I go to...
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    US cell phone works in Punta Cana???

    I just got back from a weeks vacay in Punta Cana. Had family come in from the US and decided Punta Cana would be best. Anyway one of my family members has service with AT&T and while they were in Punta Cana they were able to use their cell to call and send texts. On their phone it came up saying...
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    I need to vent..Please tell me why!!!

    Bare with me but I really need to vent. Why ( and yes I could probably answer this myself) is it when you explain to someone what the process is ( paperwork etc...) do they not listen and then come back and blame you because it did not work. Or ( and this is the good one) they will tell you...
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    Man from Europe selling frio-frio in Boca Chica

    Did anyone else hear about this? While I was out and about today someone told me about a man from Europe who came here on vacation it seems to meet up with a girl he met online. Not sure but I guess he lost his money and some of his belongings and is now selling ice cream in order to pay for...