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    RD Social Security

    Thank you for your response. Unless the attorney takes it on pro bono there would be little chance of obtaining an attorney. And, since there are no financial gains to be had there would be no monies for same attorney. All my friend wants is to be released from FASE. The termination payments...
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    US$4.3 million in cash seized at seaport

    hope the government puts it to good purchasing more laptops for the school kids and providing internet connections...(yeah, I know)
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    RD Social Security

    but, with very limited education and mouths to feed they need the job no matter if it's a sweat shop and pays little. I expect to hear something. If not, it doesn't cost much more to move on up the food chain to the companies that purchase the products made by Gildan. Rgds
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    RD Social Security

    STILL NO JOY. My friend, along with her other crew members, continue to battle. Two trips to the Minister of Labor and numerous attempts at gaining an audience with Gildan's HR have proved fruitless, they still appear as suspended in the FASE-1 database although all have been terminated. None...
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    Trying to save a bedroom vintage chest

    when I lived there years ago - I put the plastic lids off of tupperware type containers under each leg of my pine bed, I then sprayed a good amount of WD-40 (yep, yet another use) in the lid. Similar to a "moat" if you will. I added spray as needed. Same for the dresser. No bugs. cheers
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    Coronavirus - In the DR

    Smallpox, polio and a few others have been - for the most part - eliminated by the use of vaccines. Stay safe until one is available and then make a decision what is best for you.
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    Popping my DR cherry

    Garrant, decent and clean. Nice breakfast. Have fun. I'm waiting for the vaccine.
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    RD Social Security

    believe I have this figured out, at least for my friend. In March 2020 she, along with most of the crew, were put on suspension due to the virus. At that time, FASE was initiated and she was enrolled. In June 2020 she, again along with most of the crew, were terminated. The terms suspension...
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    RD Social Security

    I don't doubt your experience one bit but a visit with another employer whose employees used the fase system stated that the money from the finance ministers office went to a employers account in banreservas and from there it was distributed to employees via direct transfers to their individual...
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    RD Social Security

    under the FASE program the employer receives a sum of money for each terminated employee (due to covid pandemic) which in turn is supposed to be direct deposited to the employee. at least, this was the way it was explained to my friend. In any event, it hasn't happened yet. Investigation...
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    RD Social Security

    I am not a Dominican National, my friend is. Who or What is the " MdeT "? and no, I'm quite positive the situation is NOT silly to my friend.
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    RD Social Security

    A friend of mine was recently furloughed (along with most of the crew) at the Free Zone Company Gildan near Santo Domingo. Although they were covered by social security none have received any benefits from the government. Gildan claims they have nothing further to do with the employees as they...
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    Motorcycle, pasola, scooter etal License

    no way to win this argument until it happens. I will attempt a contact with the insurance company and see what the coverage is or isn't.
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    Motorcycle, pasola, scooter etal License

    my question exactly = is the insurance valid if the person riding the moto does NOT have a license??
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    Motorcycle, pasola, scooter etal License

    good day to all, I am in a friendly argument with a friend regarding the requirement of a license to operate a moto in the Republic. My friend (under the age of 20) states that a person must be at least 20 years old to obtain a license - is that correct? My friend presently drives a moto and...
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    nickelodeon resort punta cana

    Looking for "first hand" reports - "the good, bad or ugly"! Appropriate for five year olds? Thanks.
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    Enlarged Prostate

    I have one, benign biopsy so it's just BPH. I suffer from an occasional head cold, runny nose and etc; according to all the "experts" I have come into contact with there is no known OTC med that a person with BPH can take to relieve the cold symptoms. By chance is there anyone on this forum...
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    Apart Hotel Roma II

    Have you or anyone on the board actually stayed at the Roma II ?? If so, please elaborate the good, bad or ugly. Thanks.
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    Environment Ministry announces beach cleanup

    In an announcement made on Wednesday, 14 September 2016, the Ministry of Environment confirmed the celebration of a beach cleanup day as part of the World Cleanup of Beaches and Riverbanks Day. The cleanup of the nation?s beaches and riverbanks will take place on Saturday 17 September. Here is a...
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    Waterpark - amusement park near Boca Chica

    I remember (?) a couple years back there was a blurb about a new waterpark in or around the south coast. I have searched the forum but come up with a few that are too far away for my group. I need to take the kids out for an after-school-year getaway.