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    Delancer cable box password reset

    Does anyone know how to override the password lock on a delancer cable box? My last tenit must have set a password.
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    Titles for The Garden Condos are in!

    I just spoken with the lawyer who is handling the titles for the Garden Condos and the titles are in. Look for some official notification soon.
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    Membership at Playa Dorada Golf Club

    Hi , I did a search but I couldn't find the info I was looking for. Is anyone a member at Playa Dorada Golf Club? I would like to know what a membership costs and what's the benifits with a membership? I saw on thier site where a caddy is mandatory, is that strictly enforced? I heard good...
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    Pedro set to be open to traffic at night!

    A petition was summited to the city by 14 business owners on Pedro to have the street open to traffic at night again. From the business owners I have talked to some are very upset because of all the hard work invested into the idea of a pedestrian walk at night. Others are flat out lying about...
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    Royals Pitcher Ventura.

    Royals starting pitcher is wearing a hand written note to his deceased countryman, Rip O.T.and his number. Very classy move. Go Royals!
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    My Sosua Project Tropico Mar!

    I have had a lot of people who know me in Sosua asking about my new project. So here it is I picked up a small condo complex earlier in the month. This property needs to be completely renovated. It is five units, one 2 bedroom and four 1 bedrooms condos. It will...
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    What is a good reliable brand of Generator, and where to purchase one? Is there a way to quiet down a generator?
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    What is a good pool company in Sosua?

    I need a pool installed , who knows a good pool company in Sosua?
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    Online banking international transfer?

    I would like to set up online transfers from my American account to my account in Banco Santa Cruz. Is this even possible? Had anyone done this?
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    Question about TGM Air conditioner

    I am having a slight problem with my 10,000 btu spit a/c unit. It works great but I am having a water drip from the lower right corner. The unit is 1- level 2- drain tubes are clear of obstruction. Is there anything unique to TGM that I need to know? Thought? Thank for the anticipated help...
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    Chikungunya, mosquito virus is Spreading.

    There is a mosquito borne virus from Africa that is speading into the Caribbean and soon north America according to W.H.O. This disease causes joint pain, fever, and other systems that resemble dengue fever. The scary part is there is no specific antiviral drug treatment. My wife brought...
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    Eddie from Super Super.....

    Our friend and long time resident of Sosua Eddie, passed away this morning very suddenly. Eddie was the owner of Eddies Sports bar, and was the manager of Super Super liquor store on Pedro. I was informed of Eddies passing this morning by a mutal friend. As hard as it is for me to believe and...
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    T.v. channels

    I keep losing t.v. channels on D Lancer. I power up and down the box, I also reset the card, and I reprogram using the channel search! Oh this box is two weeks old. Help! I lost espn! Any ideas? drescape24
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    Club Residential

    Is there a reason nobody is writing about what happened there last week?
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    Kite board.

    Can someone please give me the name of a good kite board instructor? And cost? I will be in town October 5. Gracias amigos!
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    What are the best priced flights from Russia to Pop?

    I have a friend who wants to vacation in Cabarete and she is Russian. What is the quickest and best priced flights out of Russia to Pop ? Thanks for any help.
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    Best scuba school in Sosua?

    Hi, For my next trip in May I want to get my scuba certificate. Who has the best coarse? Who does the expats recommend? Thanks for the anticipated replies! John